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How to Lower Data Usage on Android and iPhone

Carriers these days seem to develop a need to raise the prices on internet data plans with the excuse that there is too much bandwidth usage in their network (not that they can’t handle it) and the way they see fit to solve this problem is to raise the prices, add a little more MB to the data plan and throttle you after you’ve passed your data threshold if you’re on an “unlimited” data plan.

Because of this, you should know how to use less data on your Android or iPhone handheld. If you don’t know, let me show you how to reduce data usage on your Android or iPhone.

First of all, you should turn off applications that update automatically because they’re the ones sucking all your data (especially if you’re on a starter plan with 200 MB of data usage). You should turn off Push Email, applications like Facebook, Twitter, app notifications or GPS; this will help you save a lot of data on your plan.

Use streaming while on WI-FI because streaming video or music can drain your MB very fast and the same applies to downloading apps, of course some of them are very small and there won’t be any problem there, but apps like games tend to be a bit larger than 10mb or even 100mb and that won’t do your data plan any good will it?

I also recommend using a browser (Opera Mini/Mobile) that compresses images and you should also uncheck flash usage from the browser’s setting; that will help you a lot on your data reducing “journey”.

Another way you can help reduce data usage on your Smartphone is to use data monitoring apps like MyDataManager for Android or DataMan for iPhone. Both apps are free and they help you monitor your data usage in real-time, showing you how much each and every one of your apps is using. Another great thing about these data saving apps for Android and iPhone is that they allow you to set thresholds on applications that will alert you once you’ve went over the amount of data you set for that specific app.

Simply cut to the chase, manually check your Email, Facebook, Twitter and other social apps, use WI-FI for streaming and downloading apps and monitor your data usage to see what apps need to take a break on data sucking. Or simply don’t do any of these if you think $10 per GB is worth it.

Oh and another thing, don’t make a habit of asking Siri on the iPhone 4S because that will drain your data off like a vampire sucking the blood of a virgin.