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How to make a Samsung Galaxy S3 stylus … with a spoon

Samsung started using styluses for their devices again and it seems like they are going to continue with this trend. We have the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 5.3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 and there are rumors that even better are due to be released by the Korean maker.

While an S Pen is pretty expensive, we found a way to make a really useful one for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a button, like Samsung’s S Pen, but it does work flawlessly. Making one is very simple and we will teach you how to do it right here. We also have a video guide which you can watch below this article.

We will have to begin by telling you that we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your device, though ours is fine and looks like new after the process.


  • 2 squares of toilet paper
  • a coffee mug
  • a coffee spoon
  • a Samsung Galaxy S3

As you can see above, the requirements are very easy to procure and you probably have them already in your kitchen and toilet.

Creating the stylus is a bit more complicated and it requires some engineering knowledge, though we will teach you how to do it here. But you have to be careful and follow every step very carefully.

How to make a Samsung Galaxy S3 stylus – step by step guide

  1. Take the spoon out of the coffee mug, clean it and use it like a stylus.

That’s it. You now have a Samsung Galaxy S3 stylus for free. Or, if you want, you can call it a multi-functional spoon.

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