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How to Modify the Google Play Store to Remove Country Restrictions

Modified Google Play Store

When you buy an Android powered smartphone or tablet you assume that you have access to all of the thousands of apps in the Google Play Store, but things are not quite like that. Some apps may still be incompatible with your device due to a variety of factors ranging from the actual performance of your device to the screen resolution or even Android version differences. Most of these restrictions are applied on geographical basis, and if you do not live in the USA you have surely encountered an app that was not available in your country.

Thankfully, a dedicated developer from XDA has come up with a fix that will remove these restrictions. Developer Deeco7 has been working on a modified version of the Google Play Store that has as its primary feature the ability to remove the location based restrictions present in the original Google made app. You can check out the screen shots below to see how this modified apps look, but at a first glance you will not be able to see any differences between this version and the official one:

Modified Google Play Store

Modified Google Play Store

As with any modified app, this one has had its share of bugs, but its developer has been prompt in addressing and fixing them. In its state now, the app is almost bug free and you shouldn’t feel any difference between the modified and the untouched version of Play Store on daily basis.

The latest version of the unofficial Play Store bears the codename v3.5.16 and it comes with quite a lot of improvements over the previous version:

  • Much faster than the previous (v3.5.15) version
  • Frequent forced close errors for Android 2.2 (Froyo) users fixed
  • Works faster even on slower data speeds
  • UI changes in the “My Apps” section include an “Installed” and “All” tab that can be swiped to move between them
  • The “All” tab now includes a handy drop down menu to switch between accounts easily
  • Some stock apps that weren’t recognized by the earlier version have now been linked to the Play Store, and can now be updated.

You can always use another third party app that does the same thing as this modified Store, but it is better to go with only a single app instead of two or three. And unlike the apps that require root access, you can simply install this one from your microSD card and it will replace the standard Play Store. This will be a very nice bonus for those of you who need to remove the restrictions but do not want to lose the warranty.

In any case it will be wise to backup the original Google Play Store, just in case something goes wrong. Below you will find an easy guide on how to actually install the app in your phone:

  • Firstly you will download this Modified Play Store.
  • Then you will have to transfer the .apk file on your Android device using your USB cable and the Mass Storage mode.
  • From here you simply have to open the .apk file using a file explorer of your choice and overwrite the old Play Store.
  • If you even with to return to the stock Play Store you can download it from here and follow the steps above to put it back.

If everything works nicely, you should be able to enjoy all the apps on the Play Store immediately, but if you run into any problems please visit the developer’s webpage or tell us about them in the comments section below.