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How to Root Galaxy Note N7000 on ZSLPF 4.0.3 custom ROM

As you might know, a new custom ROM is being available for updating your Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 device; if you want to get this firmware don’t hesitate and follow our previous step by step guide for learning how to apply the same on your handset. Being a custom ROM, installing the ZSLPF 4.0.3 software will revoke the root access previously gained on your Note. Therefore, you will have to re-root your device and only by following a suitable guide that works for the new OS. That’s what the present tutorial is going to teach you: the safest and easiest way to root the Galaxy Note that runs the new ZSLPF 4.0.3 custom ROM firmware.

For those who don’t know, the up-mentioned update is the most stable version available for improving the Note’s system. Mostly, you will get bug fixes more than new features, but the speeds will substantially be upgraded. Take note that the ZSLPF firmware is being based on the Ice Cream Sandwich platform so it will bring the same to your phone. If I had aroused your attention, just go and check our guide for learning what to do in order to get this OS update.

Then, of course return here for finding the best way possible for rooting your N7000. The following guide will be easy to understand, all being explained and detailed in a few steps. As usual, when you root a device you will also void its warranty. So, be careful in what you do for avoiding any unpleasant situations. Apply this step by step guide only for a Galaxy Note N7000 handset that features the ZSLPF 4.0.3 custom ROM and don’t do things by yourselves as you can brick your beloved smartphone.

As a precaution we recommend you to backup any of your data first. In this way you can protect your personal info without having further problems. You can backup the contacts (by learning how to sync with Google and how to use the Google cloud), the messages (by downloading and installing SMS backup and restore for Android), call logs (by using some free distributed tools from Google Play), images, video files and even the current ROM (by using ClockworkMod recovery, which is a custom recovery image for Android). If you backup the ROM than if somehow something bad happens while rooting your Note, you will be able to restore the previous firmware and safely use the same.

Finally, there are some pre requisites that must be completed; if you choose to skip this part than you will not be able to root your handset. As usual, you will have to use a Windows powered computer, the phone and its USB cord.

  • Deactivate the Firewall or any other security tools installed on your PC or on your smartphone.
  • Charge the Note, or make sure that there is at least 60% battery power left.
  • Enable the USB debugging option for being able to connect your device with the computer.
  • Remember to backup the data.
  • Complete the steps only if the Note is running the ZSLPF 4.0.3 custom ROM firmware.

You can now proceed to the next section of the present tutorial; this is representing the proper procedure, so be careful in what you do and follow my directions. So, let’s get started.

How to Root Galaxy Note N7000 on ZSLPF 4.0.3 custom ROM

  1. The first thing to take care of is to download the files required.
  2. Therefore, get the rooting package from here and then download Odin and place these files to your computer.
  3. Extract the rooting file.
  4. Open Odin.
  5. Turn off the phone, then reboot and enter in download mode.
  6. Download mode can be accessed by holding on both Volume Down Key and OK button while powering the device on.
  7. Then, take the USB cord and use it to connect the handset with the PC.
  8. On Odin, the ID:COM section should now be yellow.
  9. Just click on “PDA” (from the same Odin) and choose the file extracted before.
  10. As soon as you complete this you can press “start”.
  11. Wait until the rooting procedure is over and don’t press anything.
  12. The Note will reboot automatically.
  13. When you will see the home screen displayed on your device, you can remove the USB cable from it and from the computer, as your work is over.

As you could see, rooting the Galaxy Note N7000 that runs the ZSLPF 4.0.3 custom ROM is an easy task to do and that thanks to Odin. Rooting the phone is similar with updating it, as using Odin is required when trying to install the ZSLPF firmware on the Note. That was all, but stay close as we will update you with news as soon as something fresh comes out, such as the official release of the ICS update for your N7000 (don’t get enthusiastic as there are no words about its possible launch yet). Furthermore, share your impressions with us in the comments area from below.

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