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How to Root LG Viper 4G

The recently released LG Viper 4G can now be rooted, so for unlocking your phone’s system you should consider in completing this operation. I have explained the how to procedure below, where you can also find other info required for gaining root access, such as the pre requisites, aspects about the warranty, recommendations for further updates and how to backup the LG Viper 4G data before starting the proper steps. The tutorial will be easy to follow and to understand as we will use a one click method, which will provide root access over your Viper handset.

As you know, LG has just launched its Viper, the phone being Sprint’s first 4G LTE smartphone; the specs are placing the device in the high end area though it’s not the most spectacular handset available nowadays on the market. If you don’t believe me, here is what the Viper brings: a large 4 inch WVGA display, Corning Glass included, a dual core 1.2 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM memory, a 5 MP camera on the back, 4 GB of internal storage memory, a 1700 mAh battery and the Gingerbread OS. Let’s say that it is a decent smartphone, with nothing special on board. But, you will find this device lovely especially if you are an eco-interested customer, as the Viper t is made of 50 percent recycled plastic, the ULE Platinum certificate proving the same.

As you can see above, unfortunately, the Viper is featuring the already outdated Gingerbread software. So, of course, if you own such a device, you will be interested in updating the system with the latest Ice Cream Sandwich platform. But since LG isn’t planning to release an official upgrade soon, you will have to learn how to flash a custom ROM or a beta firmware on your Viper 4G. Here is when this guide will be useful for you, as the up mentioned operations can be performed only if your phone is already rooted. Therefore, this is the first step to make if you want to apply an OS update.

That’s not all. Gaining root access is a more complex task that comes with more advantage for you and for your handset. First of all, you will remove the factory restrictions. This means that you will gain access over the system, being able to change, customize or optimize it by your own taste. Then, after rooting, you will be able to install a custom recovery image, which will offer you the possibly of flashing files from the SD card, or making a ROM backup. Finally, you will be able to download and install powerful apps that require root access for working properly.

I have mentioned an important aspect above related to the factory restrictions. The root access implies in losing these default settings, meaning that you will make changes into your phone’s internal system. So, as soon as you start rooting the Viper 4G you will void the LG warranty. In case something bad happens you will be on your own. The warranty can be restored only by downgrading to the stock ROM, or by applying an official update released by LG. In this case, the root access will be revoked and the bootloader re-locked.

Now, as promised, I will show you how to backup the data. You must save your personal info as it might get wiped out (during the root process) without you noticing it. You can lose important personal info, so always save the data, contacts, messages, market apps or anything else you need to. Completing a safe and full backup is not hard, but if you don’t know how to do it, you have some tips below:

We are almost done, but before starting the step by step guide let’s check the pre requisites. You must do them for being sure that your Viper is in safe hands and for succeeding in rooting the same. So, don’t skip this section as it’s the most relevant one; just read the lines from the list:

  • Install the LG Viper drivers from here to your computer.
  • If on your computer or phone you have installed an antivirus or any other security tool, deactivate it as it might interfere with our work.
  • Charge the battery for ensuring that your device will stay “alive”.
  • Enable the USB debugging option from your handset. Go to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.

Well, those were the preparation things. Now, you can safely go and begin the root operation. Read carefully, don’t do things by yourselves and apply this tutorial only if you own a LG Viper 4G. Else you can brick your device.

How to Root LG Viper 4G

  1. First of all, you need to get some tools, which will actually help you through the procedure.
  2. Download the .net framework file from here.
  3. Download the Super One Click 2.3.3 tool (download link here).
  4. Place the files to your computer.
  5. Extract the same.
  6. Connect the Viper to the computer by using the USB cord.
  7. Go to the folder where you have placed the extracted files.
  8. Open the Super One Click 2.3.3 executable and click on “root”.
  9. In the end the phone will reboot automatically.
  10. You can then disconnect it from the PC.

That was all, as I have brought you the one click root method promised before. Your LG Viper 4G is now rooted so you can look forward in updating its system with custom ROMs, unofficial firmware, or beta software. I will update you with suitable guides so stay close. Also, tell us how things worked and if there were problems as we will try to resolve them for you.