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How to root the Sony Tablet P [w/ unroot solution]

This is an easy guide to root and unroot the Sony Tablet P. It includes a list of prerequisites, solutions and tips on backing-up before you initiate the root on the tablet’s OS, as well as a step-by-step guide with screenshots. In other words, this is an easy to follow tutorial which any user can follow, regardless of techy level. Still, we would classify this tutorial as medium-difficulty level.

Why would you want to root your Sony Tablet P? A lot of ROM firmware versions are on the way, and they require a rooted OS.  The Sony Tablet P comes with an unrooted Android operating system. Also, many newer and more complex apps require rooted access. Truth be told dear gents, rooting your Android nowadays is becoming more of a must than a geek move.

Before you commence the rooting process of your Sony Tablet P, please note than rooting the OS on your device may void the warranty.  Furthermore, any issues or damage that may occur due to rooting your device by following this guide will not hold Android.gs responsible.

What you need before starting to root:

1. Backup all the data on your phone. Data loss is not probable, but may occur on some instances. Here’s how to back-up different types of data you may have on your Android tablet: Text messages – Use the “SMS Backup & Restore app”, Phone Contacts – Sync with Gmail, this is probably on already on your device, but it’s worth the effort to double check: Pictures, Music, Videos, Files etc.– Copy to internal / External SD Card, Internet & MUMS Settings – Backup all the settings from the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”

2. Make sure your Tablet P is charged to at least 75% battery level – provided your battery is relatively new (under 2 years, which is obviously applicable if you’re reading this article anytime close to the publish date). Otherwise try to charge it 100% or consider buying a new one before you attempt to root the Android device.

3. On your computer, turn off any active Firewalls and Antivirus guards, as they may interfere with some files involved in the root process. 4. Download http://www.mediafire.com/?d1br58bjt0n407a (Sony Tablet all in 1) and Sony Tablet ADB Driver Automated Installer.  (All the links are from Mediafire.com. Please comment in the section below if they turn out to be dead) Once all these are requirements are ticket, feel safe to continue with the root, as explained below.

The actual process to root’up

You already have the file “Sony Tablet ADB Driver Automated Installer”. If you don’t, read the prerequisites part again carefully. Unzipp it, and  open the executable file “Install ADB Drivers.exe”. This will installing all the required drivers on your PC for the root. HINT: You do this on your computer, not on the Sony Tablet P Android device.     To verify that the drivers were correctly installed, plug in your Sony Tablet P and go to Device Manager (right click on the My Computer icon via desklop or start menu>Manage). Under Portable Devices you should see the tablet listed. In case you do not, do the following. Right click on the Portable Devices item and “Check for hardware changes”. That should refresh the drivers. Or, if no result, follow the first step again. Next, remove the USB Cable from both the PC and the device. Enable “USB Debugging” on your device. This is done by navigating to Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging. The option should be ticket, like in the screenshot here.   Moving on,  you need to extract the Zip file “SonyTablet [ALLinONE] v1.1 and from the extracted files, open the “SonyTablet.bat” by double clicking on it. Follow the instructions you can see in the command prompt screen that comes up. Plain as butter and toast. Though not as tasty. Anyhows…

You select 1, if root is what you’re here for. Your Sony Tablet P device will reboot a couple of times during the process. When it stops doing this, you search for a new app that should have installed on your device, called superuser. If it’s not present, go ahead and search for it in the app store (Google play), download and install it. If somehow the root was not successful, please take the time to read the instructions again carefully, then re-attempt it.

How to unroot the Sony Table P Android device

Just use option 2 in the command prompt menu. Nothing much you need to apart from that. You can also delete the “superuser” app if you’re sure you’re done with rooting the device.

That’s it! Easy and safe method to root and unroot your nice new Sony Tablet P, enabling it for all the goodies out there that require a rooted Android OS.