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How to Send / Receive SMS texts by Using your Computer Browser

In today’s tutorial you can learn how to use your computer in order to send or receive texts messages. Thanks to a new app available on Google Play, the Android users can now use their computer browser for texting their friends instead of using their handsets. So, in the following, I will show you how to install and how to use this tool, which can be used on any Android powered smartphone. Further aspects are detailed below, check it out.

I know that sending SMS texts from your Android phone can sometimes turn out to be really annoying, especially if your phone is having just a psychical QWERTY keyboard and not a real one. If you are a typing kind of user then, writing text messages from your device touchscreen can be irritating. Just think you have to send several texts (about 20 for example) in a short period (let’s say 10 minutes) and then you will see what I am talking about.

But with this new tool, you will be able to ease your work. From now on you can send and also receive SMS texts from your computer browser without using your phone at all. You can do this from home, work, or from everywhere you want to. All you have to do is to follow the present tutorial for learning how to install the same on your handset. Don’t worry; completing the process is taking only a couple of minutes, so you will be back on track in the shortest time possible.

In a few words the app, will let you sync your phone to your browser, so you can send and receive SMS messages right from your computer. You will get unlimited incoming texts while you will be able to send 50 messages from your browser per day. You can use the Premium accounts starting at $9.99 per year, enjoying unlimited browser texting and unlimited group message recipients, or you can use the try out Premium account for free for one month. Anyway, you will get in touch with these aspects after you download the software. So, let’s get started.

How to Send / Receive SMS texts by Using your Computer Browser

  1. On your handset you need to enable the internet connection so you can have access to the Market.
  2. In your phone’s menu tap on Google Play and search for the BrowserTexting tool. Or, you can download it from here.
  3. Install the app.
  4. Now, go on the computer.
  5. Open your favorite browser.
  6. Navigate to BrowserTexting.com.
  7. On the page displayed, click on “Start Texting From This Computer”; a unique QR code will be generated.
  8. Run the BrowserTexting app from your smartphone.
  9. Press “Connect” in order to scan the QR code on your computer screen.
  10. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a QR code scanner tool installed, a prompt will show you what to get from the same Market.
  11. After you scan the code, the phone will automatically sync with your browser.
  12. On the PC it will be appear the contacts from the handset.
  13. Tap on a contact name, or type a number in order to send a SMS text.
  14. That’s it.

There you have it, the easiest and quickest way in which you can learn how to send or receive SMS texts messages by using your computer web browser without using your Android based smartphone. If you have any questions related to this subject, or to another that is linked to the Android concept, feel free and share your thoughts with us(in the comments area). Remember that this tutorial is suitable for any Android smartphones and tablets so don’t hesitate to use it; stay close for further Android how to guides.