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How to Set Fake Calls and Messages on any Android device

The best way and the easiest one in which you can “excuse” yourself from a boring or awkward situation is by using your Android based handset. How? Well it is more than easy thanks to an application available on the Android Market / Google Play. So, during the present tutorial I will show you how to set fake calls or texts on any Android smartphones, by getting and installing the “Fake Call & SMS & Call Logs” tool. Follow this step by step guide, in order to properly install and use the app; the procedure can be completed in just a couple of minutes, so you will be back on track in the shortest time possible.

Now, I know how hard things can turn out to be when trying to escape from a boring conversation or from a meeting that never ends without hearting other people’s feelings. Furthermore, it is difficult to find excuses when you have no cognitive skills. Therefore, you need to find something and you need it fast. So, why don’t you use your phone? Its performances can now save you, not to mention that it’s the perfect opportunity for you to use its capabilities, beside the classic ones.

As I was saying, you can use an app designed to work only for the Android operating system, so don’t try to use it on other platforms because this is impossible. During the following I will show you how to install and use the Fake Call & SMS & Call Logs application. The tool can be downloaded in two versions (as usual), the free one that comes with Google adds, or the full one that offers all the features included in the system (you have to pay in order to get it). That being said you can now start the proper tutorial. Read carefully and do as explained during the steps.

How to Set Fake Calls and Messages on any Android device

  1. The first thing you need to do is to get on Google Play and download the tool. Get the software from here.
  2. Install Log Me.
  3. Run the app.
  4. In the menu that it will be displayed you can enter the number of the person you want your fake call or message. Type the number in the area named “Caller ID”.
  5. You can choose to select someone from your contact list by taping on “Pick”.
  6. If you choose to enter a random number you must enter a name too.
  7. Then, after setting the number and the name, select your trigger. This can be a timed trigger or you can set up the proximity sensor to set off your call/message.
  8. Choose whether to receive a fake message or a fake call.
  9. For a text message type the actual text in the body of the SMS in the text area labeled message.
  10. Then press “create”.
  11. That’s it.

There you have it, the easiest and quickest way in which you can learn how to easily Set Fake Calls and Messages on any Android device. If you have any questions related to this subject, or to another that is linked to the Android concept, feel free and share your thoughts with us(in the comments area). Remember that this tutorial is suitable for any Android smartphones (with Android 2.2 or above on board) so don’t hesitate to use it; stay close for further Android how to guides.

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