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How To Setup Your Android Tablet

Setting up your Android tablet is really easy, though you should read this guide to make sure you do everything right and get it working very fast. Like all Android devices it comes with a setup wizard which helps you with it, but it doesn’t do everything for you.

The first thing you need to know when getting an Android tablet is that you need a Gmail account. It’s not a problem if you don’t have one, because you can sign up for an account directly from your Android tablet’s setup wizard. Though you will need to be connected over WiFi to either login or signup for an account. Otherwise  you will have to skip this step and proceed later to it.

If you skipped the step during the setup wizard, here is how you can add a Google account later.

Add your Google account

  • Go to Menu > Settings > Accounts and sync
  • Tap “Add account”
  • You will now get the option to add your accounts from multiple services, but Google is mandatory.
  • After you add the account you will have the option to sync your contacts, browser, photos and more. Make sure to check only the ones you want. Syncing contacts is very important because you will be able to recover them if your phone gets lots, stolen or broken.

Connect to the internet through WiFi and 3G / 4G

Connecting to WiFi is the easiest and preferred way to do it, whenever a connection is available. WiFi uses less battery and is usually faster than 3G.

To connect to a WiFi network head to Settings, activate WiFi and then go to Settings > Wireless and Network > Wi Fi Settings and tap on “scan”. You will now see the list of available wireless networks. Some may require a password, while some might be open, which means you can connect to them directly. Please note that open wireless connections are less secure and you should only enter your passwords on secured websites while connected to them.

To use 3G, 4G, HSPA, HSDPA, HSUPA you will have to do some settings to your tablet. Unfortunately these settings differ from carrier to carrier so we cannot assist you with them. We can only tell you where to find them and what to do. The rest you will have to find on your carrier’s website.

Go to Menu > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names, click the “menu” button and add the settings seen on the carrier’s website.

Please note that 3G and 4G connections can drain battery very fast, so it’s recommended that you use 2G when you are not using the internet connection to navigate the internet. Just for syncing, emails and updates a 2G EDGE connection is enough.

Installing games and apps

There are more than 200,000 apps available for Android, including games, productivity tools and all kind of really useful apps. You can find them all in Google’s Play market which comes pre-installed on your tablet.

Downloading an app is very easy and you can do it right away after you setup your Android tablet. Just tap the Google Play app, click the search button and enter the keywords you are looking for.

Notice: before installing an app take a look at the permissions it requires, because there are some malware apps which intend to steal your private data and even credit card information.