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How to SIM Unlock LG G2

If you bought the LG G2 on a particular carrier that has locked the device, then this is the guide that you should use and learn how to SIM Unlock it,

LG G2 is a great smartphone that has been released in September 2013 with a 5.2 inches True HD IPS 1080 x 1920 display, a 2.26 Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 Chipset, 2GB RAM, 16GB and 32GB internal storage, 13MP rear camera, a 2.1MP front camera, a non-removable 300 mAh battery, it runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and it is upgradeable to Android 4.4 KitKat.

This tutorial should work with all LG G2 models, but you need to know that the unlocking process requires you to pay a small amount in order to receive the SIM Unlock Code. Even if you pay for this unlocking code you will still get a better price than you would be paying for the Unlocked model of LG G2, so that shouldn’t bother you.

For the unlocking process you will be using a small tool from Google Play Store, it is perfectly safe to use and fully functional.

If you want to use your LG G2 smartphone on a different carrier or you’re planning on travelling and using a local SIM, then you should continue to the tutorial.

Here’s how to SIM Unlock the LG G2:

  1. Download the ‘Unlock your LG G2’ app from Google Play Store.
  2. Install it on your smartphone.
  3. Enter your LG G2 details such as country, network from where you bough the phone.
  4. Enter your phone’s IMEI number.
    – the LG G2 IMEI number can be found on the phone’s original box or you can open the Dialer and dial *#06#.
  5. Continue to payment after that.
    – you can use your credit card or the PayPal account.
  6. Verify your email address and open the message with the Unlock Code.
  7. Enter the LG G2 Unlock Code and that should be all.

Note that the SIM Unlock Code for LG G2 pricing depends on the country your based in and on the network / carrier that you’re using. The pricing will be displayed after you enter your phone’s correct details.

If the method above doesn’t work then you might want to try this other one at XDA. It has been confirmed that it works and an unlock code only costs $1.9.

I hope that you found this tutorial helpful and that you’ve managed to unlock your LG G2 smartphone. If you have any other questions, then you should use the comments field below.

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