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How to SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Free

In case you’ve bought Galaxy Note 3 device from a carrier, then it means that it is locked on that particular network. If you want to use it with any other carrier/ network, then you will be forced to unlock the Galaxy Note 3 SIM for it to work.

Usually a SIM for Note 3 is locked because major carriers don’t want consumers to use the purchased devices with other carriers or networks.

This guide will teach you how to successfully unlock SIM from other carriers and use it with the same Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet. In this post you will find two alternative methods, one will tell you how to SIM Unlock the Note 3 for free, while the other will require you to buy an unlock code from a website specialized in unlocked SIM for smartphones worldwide.

Please note that if you do manage to SIM Unlock your Galaxy Note 3, then this won’t necessarily mean that it will work for all networks or carriers. That is because usually carriers are using different GSM bands and not all are compatible with your Note 3 model.

Make sure to check the bands ( 2G, 3G or 4G) your phone supports before getting to the tutorial. Also, note that this guide might not work at all.

Reasons why you should SIM Unlock your device:

Switch easily between Carriers while using the same phone.

Buy local SIM cards while travelling abroad and avoid any Roaming fees.

Unlock the Note 3 phone from your own house

No need for rooting, installing kernels or custom ROMs

Also, use this guide only if you’re an advanced user. We cannot be blamed in case you brick your phone nor in case you lose any important data in the process.

How to SIM Unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

  1. Launch your smartphone’s dialer.
  2. Enter the following code :  *#197328640#
  3. Press the Menu softkey.
  4. Press Back.
  5. Press Menu and then open the Key input.
  6. Enter 1, press OK.
  7. Press Menu and press Back again.
  8. Tap [1]UMTS
  9. Tap [1]Debug Screen
  10. Tap [8]Phone Control
  11. Tap [6]Network Lok
  12. Tap Options and then tap [3]Perso SHA256 OFF
  13. Press Menu and Back.
  14. Press [6]COMMON
  15. Tap [4]NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ.

If the process was successful, you should see the following text: “Asterisk Pound One Nine Seven Three Two Eight Six Four Zero Pound. The Galaxy Note 3 will restart and boot in normal mode.

We cannot be held responsible in case your brick the phone or it becomes unusable after using this tutorial. That’s why this guide is destined to be used by advanced users.

If the FREE SIM Unlock For Galaxy Note 3 method listed above doesn’t work, then you can always choose to buy an unlock code.\

Find your Galaxy Note 3 IMEI Code by going to Settings > About Device > Status, or you can choose to open the Dial Pad and type *#06#

After you find your phone’s IMEI you should go to DoctorSIM or CellUnlocker.net and buy one of their unlock codes.

These were all the steps that we had for you, now you should test the tutorial. If neither method works, then you can always choose to contact your carrier and ask for an unlock code. Some carriers will offer it for free.

For any other questions please use the comments field below.

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  • tinaquay

    Can’t find UMTS

    • Chris

      me neither

      • 730

        neither can i

  • Michael

    Yeah, no one has the menu all the sites are saying. There is no UMTS screen on the note 3 after the update sadly.

    • ionel

      use odin to go back to original software, unlock, update after

      • max

        be VERY careful using odin, newer samsung phones have KNOX in the bootloader, if you attempt to downgrade you will render the device unbootable. People like this like to give bs advice without understanding any technical implications. The correct way to do it would be to downgrade the modem ONLY. As for finding modem/baseband of original fw that has the service menu, you’ll have to do your own research.

  • BardamuDZ

    No UMTS in the menu of 4.4.2 ? Any solution found ?

    • ApriLynn

      did anyone figure this out?

    • Rahul

      1: open phone dial pad
      2: press *#0011#
      3: press menu, select BACK
      4: press menu, select key input
      5: press Q0000
      and you all will get the umts and other menus.
      you will not get the “Perso SHA256 OFF”
      so… just dont ask about this method

  • wtjoker

    Does this work with the Sprint Note 3 to unlock international SIM capability?

    • Laura para

      You can now unlock your mobile phone to any network carrier using this site cphoneunlocker. com i just got my phone unlocked for free!! The unlocking process was easy and the step by step guide emailed. I hope i helped you!

  • Donte Lee

    Tried this method on my galaxy note 3, but didn’t get the umts menu, seems it doesn’t work on newer firmware, finally bought unlock code and successfully unlocked my device. however i got my code from codes2unlock,com

    • Sarah

      did it work okay on your phone? trying to unlock my brothers phone and dont know too much about this stuff, any advice will be great!!

    • Lord_John_Whorfin

      It doesn’t work on newer firmware… But all you have to do to get it to work is install older firmware. Once you’ve unlocked, you can reinstall the latest firmware and the phone is still unlocked.

  • Jason Tresize

    Tried many times but didn’t work for me even can’t find the umts menu, finally i bought unlock code for my note 3 from a third party service Gsmunlockhub,com and simply unlocked.

    • Daniel Moncada

      thank you so much, you save me a lots of problems.

  • sick and tired

    But everyone knows this method only works on the old version released a year ago. The new one was updated to prevent this. So your just offering a method you know does not work so we get frustrated. And a link to a service you get paid for referral from. And I’m so sick of reading posts like this one I had to say it. If you want to make money fine but do it the right way and say in your post it only works on the old version from 2013.

  • yash

    Can’t find Perso SHA256 OFF

  • psychicreader80

    Sprint gave me the unlock code for mine but what is the process to unlock it? I can’t figure out where to put the code.

    • paul

      Put the new sim in and it will ask for the code

      • psychicreader80

        And it says invalid sim if I just put it in.

    • mark

      How did u get them to give u the code?

      • psychicreader80

        I had a huge complaint with the BBB and it was part of my request to settle

  • shax

    ??? ????????? ??????? ?? samsung note 3?

  • sanka

    how to find nck code
    i want unlock galaxy s3 neo i9301i

  • mark

    Can anyone help me Sim unlock my sprint galaxy note edge???? Please!

  • Guest

    Can anyone help unlock a sprint note 3

  • Antonio Woodkins Jr.

    Can anyone please give me a method that works

  • Alice Morgan

    I unlocked my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for free over at: http://freemobileunlockcodes. com/brands/samsung/samsung-galaxy/unlock-samsung-galaxy-note-3-free/

    • John Murray

      SCAM! could not get code.

  • Denis Bergeron

    What is menu softkey ?

  • Navaro Aapep

    Different menu than discussed here.

    How can I know my mobile note 3 is Sprint or another?

  • nim

    good news is, theres a wifi option in the debug menu softkey to turn wifi power saving off. went from 58 to 72Mbps…im not ssureif its worth it 🙂

  • John Murray

    None of the URL’s mentioned in the article can unlock the Sprint Galaxy Note 3.
    Why are there no published dates on this article

  • Bo Mathis

    Sprint will Internationally Unlock any phone that is no longer on contract.

    They will give you the Domestic Unlock code as well if you ask for it.

  • Napoleon Valerian

    Anybody who tried this for a Note 3 locked on T-Mobile Germany? Any success?

  • ?Mj?d ElS?nussi

    Hi my name’s Amjad and I have bought Galaxy note 3 I just don’t know when I put my SIM it says (this SIM is not from Verizon) the part I don’t understand I check every sight and I have asked a lot of people but they didn’t give me a good answer ….. please if u do tell me what is the problem what should I do ?

    • 3lch3l15

      Hi, don’t know if it is the same problem I had, I buy a USA TMobile SG Note 3 but to use in Mexico, I use it the SIM Card but didn’t work, I tried many hidden codes but the one to unlock network was: *#0011# (it is showed some posts below), press menu softkey -> back -> Menu again -> input -> letter Q (CAPS) OK -> Menu again -> Input -> 0000 …. wait for message NETWORK UNLOCKED. Hope you can solve it.