How To SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 for Free

Samsung Galaxy S4 SIM Unlock

If you’ve purchased your Samsung Galaxy S4 from a carrier, then it’s probably locked on that network and you need to SIM unlock it in order to use it on another one. Fortunately for you we have found some easy ways to SIM unlock the Galaxy S4 and you can do it for free.

The reason to SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy S4 is to be able to use it on another carrier and that’s why SIM locks exist, because carriers don’t want you to leave their network.

If you need to use a SIM from another carrier with your Galaxy S4, then follow the guide below in order to unlock it. We’ll provide you with two methods. One of them is free and only takes a few minutes, while the other one requires you to buy an unlock code, but it can be slightly easier.

You should know that by SIM unlocking your Galaxy S4, it doesn’t mean it will work with any carrier, because it depends on the GSM bands each carrier is using, so you should first check that your smartphone is compatible with it. Make sure to check all bands, including the 2G, 3G, and 4G, because some carriers use different ones and while you might be able to make calls, the data could not work.

Now that we’ve told you what SIM unlocking involves, let’s get to the part where we tell you how to do it. We’ll start with the free method, because it’s our favorite.

How to SIM Unlock the Galaxy S4

This method is totally free, but you have to be careful and follow every step without mistakes, because otherwise you might brick your device. So make sure you don’t do anything wrong and that your phone has enough battery so it won’t turn off during the process.

This should work for all variants of the Samsung Galaxy S4, including I9500, I9505, I9506, I9505G, I337, M919, I545, L720, R970, I959, I9502, I337M, M919V, R970X, and R970C.

  1. Open the phone dialer
  2. Dial *#0011#
  3. Press Menu
  4. Tap Back
  5. Press Menu and open the Key input
  6. Enter 1 and press OK
  7. Press Menu and tap Back
  8. Tap [1]UMTS
  9. Tap [1]DEBUG SCREEN
  10. Tap [6]PHONE CONTROL
  11. Tap [6]NETWORK LOCK
  12. Tap [3]PERSO SHA256 OFF
  13. Press Menu and then Back
  14. Tap [6]COMMON
  15. Tap [6]NV REBUILD
  16. Tap [4]RESTORE BACK UP
  17. Now your device will freeze, but don’t worry. Be patient and press Menu when you can, then Back key ON.
  18. Your device will now reboot.

Now your Samsung Galaxy S4 should be SIM unlocked.

We can’t guarantee this method is going to work, but if it doesn’t then you can try the alternative method, which requires you to buy an unlock code.

First you will need to find your IMEI code. You can find it either by going to Settings > About device > Status or by dialing **#06#*.

Then head over to DoctorSIM and purchase an unlock code for your IMEI.

Another alternative would be to contact your carrier, because it might unlock your device for free or for a fee.

If you encounter any issues while SIM unlocking your Galaxy S4, please let us know.

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    I tried to use thsi formula to unlock my GT-I9505 purchased in Venezuela (DIGITEL Carrier). this formula was not working. The owner block the setup and you can not made manual unlock.

    I use a Formula like CHIMERA APP. Look in Google and you will solve this point.

    • gargoile

      Hola Amigo, una pregunta, sabes si el chimera es compatible para el S4 Internacional? GT-I9500 ???
      Desde Ya, Muchas Gracias!!!

      • VZLA SI SE PUEDE !!!

        Supongo que si… Yo lo hice con mi GT, – I9505 y me funciono.. Lo probé con un SIM de T-Mobile y todo bien. Suerte

  • Sanford Boulden

    Can this be used to allow you to change the firmware? My carrier can’t send updates. I want to get software updates. Will this help?

    • VZLA SI SE PUEDE !!!

      After you unlock, you won’t receive an OTA update

  • Roger

    Doesn’t work with M919 which is the t-mobile variant, It probably has to do with it being up to kitkat 4.4.2 , this method works before kitkat, I got to step 6, where i entered 1 into ‘key input’ but nothing happened

    • Orlov Nicolae

      same at my AT&T

  • Artiom Sikotorski

    Can I I use it on my sprint s4 with the 4.4 update

  • Lee

    Do u know how to unlock Galaxy Note 2 that running android 4.4.2 using service mode?i already had unlock code from unlock code developer but its not work.
    Using *#197328640# doesn’t work.

  • Aimee

    I have GS4 T-Mobile M919 I’ve tried this method an the menu with UMTS doesnt appear after entering the ‘key imput’ I don’t want to mess up the phone, so I don’t try an mess around with it to find the menu. Im So Frustrated, all I want is to be able to use this awesome phone! Please Help!!!

  • irfan

    in the service mode from menu tap key input and enter 1 pressing ok no other options appears there. wha i will do help me.

    • tater26

      Having the same problem. What to do !?

    • brian

      Me too

  • Geeks_r_us

    Worked for Samsung Galaxy 4 on A&T in US!! I couldn’t get to 14 from 13. So I had to navigate the menus myself a few times by restarting the process (1-7) and once I get to the menu where I saw the [6]COMMON
    Long story short, I’m here in India using my samsung galaxy for a local carrier with no problems whatsoever.
    Thanks mate!!!

    • Amit

      are you sure it worked? I am planning to do the same to use it in India as well from next week.

      • Geo Thayil

        Any luck? My carrier is At&T as well and needed to use it in India for my trip as well.

    • Ochi

      Hi Geeks_r_us,

      could you please be a bit more specific? I cannot figure out how to get to step 8. Am I supposed to see “Tap [1]UMTS” somewhere? Thanks!

  • Liz

    I typed in the number and the menu never popped up

  • Gummy

    When doing this, should the new sim card; from the new carrier be in the phone?

  • Orlov Nicolae

    hello, at my s4 sgh-i337 AT&T after key input never apeared the meniu why ?? :( can you help me?

  • Kenneth Brunstein

    makes phone reboot

  • trinie

    How do you do Tap [1]UMTS when you type

  • Creecher

    I am already out of country (I didn’t unlock while I was stateside) and currently my sprint account is deactivated. I already have a new SIM card from O2 out here) but when I go I get No Service and IMEI CERTI: NA. What should I do?

  • my boy

    I’m on vacation over sea purchased a Sim here but my phone will not open (Samsung 4) any one knows the pin and how to fix it please help.

  • nel

    Cannot find the phone control option

  • freda

    I have a 4 digit pin but its not working

  • Kimberlydawn Ryan

    I couldn’t do steps 8 and on because they don’t shpw up
    Tap [1]UMTS
    Tap [3]PERSO SHA256 OFF

  • Jasson Allen Carey

    dont work with the sph-L720 i was told that the sprint will work on verizon carrier base roms to flash verizon base rom an slip in the sim an it will work i did all that an it dont work. its telling me that i need to change the csc package files ???????? idk its got me all confused can anyone help me call me at 9894643242

  • Dee

    Hi there! How do the steps differ for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini?

  • Shawntel

    After I do step 7 it dont do anything except say no service what dose that mean?
    And what dose [1]UMTS mean?

  • CrazeeMe549

    Mine is a s4 sgh-1337m and it didn’t give me an option… It only says Perso Sha256 info– That’s It! What’s going on???? HELP!

  • porertq

    this is gay

  • Robby Smales

    this don’t work as not give all options says above just as all other websites have same don’t work at all !!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Ritchie

    Only one option for perso sha256 info. Rogers s4 I337m

  • Bob Barker

    Hey guys, if the article isn’t working because you can’t get to the next menu, try this method, posted by DoctorNick from Disqus (props man, thanks for posting)


    Celularesrra Rivas

    11 days ago

    Formatted a bit better:

    If the above instructions do not work for you, try this:

    1) Enter *#0011# on the keypad, this should show service mode with a bunch of statistics

    2) Press the bottom left menu button.

    3) When the menu pops up, select “back” (NOT the physical back key, the menu option)

    4) repeat steps 2 and 3 two more times (for a total of three times)

    5) Press the bottom left menu button, select “Key Input”,

    7) When the input field appears on the screen, select it and type “1”, then hit the “OK” button

    9) Press the bottom left menu button, select “Key Input”

    10) Enter the captial letter “Q”, then hit the “OK” button

    11) Press the bottom left menu button, select “Key Input”

    12) Enter “0000” (4 zeroes), then hit the “OK” button.

    Wait for up to 20 seconds. The MAIN MENU should appear. (If the MAIN
    MENU does not appear by then, hit the “HOME” button and start over from

    14) Select “[1] UTMS”

    15) Select “[6] COMMON”

    16 Select “[6] NV REBUILD”

    17. Select “[4] Restore Back-up”

    18. Your cell phone should restart. You should now have an unlocked phone!

    • Tenzin

      Thank u sooo much

  • BAD Ben

    Do you have to have the Carrier SIM? I mean, I have a T-Mobile S4 on 4.4.4 kit kat (stock, no root), but I don’t have a T-Mobile SIM.

  • Bernard Akuamoah Boateng

    doesn’ work on I9500