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How to Speed Dial via Favorite Contacts on Any Android

Android has extremely easy and solid contact information management. You can organize contacts in groups and add special settings to this group. Also, the group can be added to favourites to mass apply this preference to more than one user. Android OS also excels at reminding you about various events related to your contacts, such as birthdays, anniversaries, reaching out to one’s website or address. All this can be done via the contacts menu options. People are searching, however, in large numbers, for a way to speed dial the few people they keep in touch with most. We’ll show you how to speed dial from your Android.

This guide focuses on adding / removing contacts to Favourites as well as using this perk to fast dial a contact.

1. Add contacts to your Favourites

Favourites is a vast concept on Androids, meaning that you can accomplish a lot with it. So go ahead and add all your peers and the people you keep in contact with often (or otherwise need to quickly contact).

Go to Contacts, select the particular entry,  look on the top of the screen among the various options ( Logs, Contacts, Favorites, Group) and tap on the option of Favorites.

You will be transported to the Favorites section, were you can see how many – if any – contacts you have added to favorites. Tap on the Menu button and you will find the option of Add to favorites. This will add the contact you had previously selected.

You can see that there’ s also a neat option to add some more contacts, from the ones you often dial. Look into that as well and act as required. You can also search for contacts by name/number and tick on those you wish to add. When you are done selecting your soon-to-be Favorites tap on Add.

You can add as many Favorites, but we suggest somewhere between 5 – 10, so make this compatible with the functionality of a speed dial list.

Now when you go to Contacts, always select Favorites in the top right corner and you can quickly call or access the profile of those people you often communicate with. You can also nicely differentiate from the usual, often enormous, book of contacts.

2. Remove a contact from Favorites

Either if you’re done with someone, in terms of often calling them, or just want to depopulate your favourites page, this is how to do this.

Go to Contacts and then move on to Favorites (tap in the top right corner)

Find the contact you want removed, tap on it and the Android device will take you to the person’s profile. As in the above picture, you can notice a yellow (unless the theme changes that, try to figure it out if the case) star, which if you tap then Android will automatically remove the contact from your Favorites and update the list.