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How to take a screenshot on Google Nexus 7

Fortunately it’s very easy to take a screenshot on any Android device and you don’t need any app for that. The stock Android has a dedicated function for this and you might only want to try third-party apps for added functionality.

While this seems pretty easy, you can sometimes get it wrong, because you have to press both the power button and volume down button simultaneously and keep them pressed for about 2 seconds. Take care when doing it, because you might only press one of them and you either turn the volume down, turn off the screen or open the power menu.

After you take the screenshot you will be able to find it both in the notifications area and gallery. The fastest way is to open the notifications and either open the screenshot or share it by using the dedicated button.

If you want to find it in the gallery, there will be a dedicated folder, called “screenshots”, which is pretty easy to spot.

What should be known is that Android’s own screenshot feature doesn’t allow you to do it in some situations. For example, you can’t take screenshots of the notifications area, because it will close automatically when you attempt to take the screenshot. If you want to avoid that, you will have to try a third-party app and there’s a bunch of them available out there.

We’ve tried apps like screenshot, which only works on rooted phones and Screenshot Free, which doesn’t require root access on most phones. You should give them a try or do a search on Google Play, because you will find literally hundreds of apps.

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  • hanner

    Thank you so much! you rock!

  • Al Reno

    “It’s very easy to take a screenshot on any Android device”; quite a laughable observation as… it is NOTHING easy to take a screenshot on Android devices (or even iPhones for that matter). First of all each company (Samsung, Nexus, HTC, etc.) has its own non-standard way of doing it; second, taking your text “as is” I could NOT take a screenshot on a Nexus 7; I had to squeeze/press/depress/shake the 2 buttons for an indefinite amount of time before the damn thing would do it; third, do you think GM would still be in business if they told their customers: “It’s very easy to start any GM car, just press the button at left and the one at right while inserting the key for some seconds and scratching your back at the same time”. So easy… A.R.

  • Iicydiamonds

    Thanks! With your instructions I did it carefully and it worked right the first time.

  • Stan Jez

    screen shots of Samsung Galaxy S3 screens has to be the easiest. swipe little finger bottom palm across screen. click done. simple. that one of the many features I like of the S G S 3.