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How to Take a Screenshot on HTC One M8

Since the HTC One M8 smartphone was launched there are tons of users looking for small and useful tutorial on how to improve their experience.

Taking a screenshot on any Android device is extremely easy as you will only need to use several key combinations or a small tool from Google Play Store. Read this entire post and you will find tons of methods that you can use to grab screen captures of what your screen has to offer.

A screenshot might come in handy when your phone displays errors or bugs and you want to send a report to one of your friends that are more tech savvy. Also, you can use screenshots to brag about achievements in games or show off some cool applications that you are currently running on your HTC One M8 smartphone.

Read the instructions below and you should be able to learn in under two minutes how to successfully take a screenshot of your phone’s screen.

Note that the tutorials will work with any HTC One M8 models.

How to take a screenshot on the HTC One M8:

  1. Make sure your device is switched on.
  2. Go to the application or screen you want to capture.
  3. Press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time.

Wait until the screen flickers and the capture sound is played. To view the newly created screenshot you can open the Notification shade or go to Gallery and open the Screenshot folder.

Another method that you can use is the one listed below:

  1. Press and hold the Power button.
  2. Do not release Power, while holding power you should press the Home soft key on the lower right part of your phone’s screen.

That’s it, the new screenshot should be taken and you can find it in the Screenshot folder of the Gallery app or simply drag down the Notification shade.

After you take the screen capture you can use the Share button to send the photo to other interested parties.

If you find it hard taking a screenshot with the options listed above, then you might want to use a small tool from Google Play Store. The Screenshot app by Lovekara will do the trick and help you take screen captures of your phone’s display — link here.

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