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How to take a screenshot on HTC One S

HTC One S Screenshot

There are numerous HTC One S users that are unaware of how easy it is to take a screenshot with their device and, that’s why I’ve created this ‘how-to’ article. Use the instructions in this post to learn how easy it is to create a print screen of your current HTC One S Android display.

Taking a screenshot on HTC One S is easy and this action comes in handy whenever you have a problem with your phone and an error message appears that you have no idea why it was shown. You can create a screenshot and then share it with a friend of yours who is more advanced when it comes to work with Android phones. Also, you can send the screenshot of your current home screens to impress your friends with your brand new widget, app etc.

In this post you will find a small guide on how to take a screenshot of your One S phone without too much trouble, as you simply need to press two buttons and a snapshot of the current screen displayed will be immediately created. This works with Ice Cream Sandwich on your HTC One S and if you wish to learn how to take a screenshot then you should read these steps below.

How to take a screenshot on HTC One S:

  1. Go to the screen that you wish to create a snapshot.
  2. Next, press and hold the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume Down’ buttons simultaneously.
  3. Wait for the shutter sound action and then you will notice a small pop-up window that will then minimize to the navbar. That’s the screenshot.
  4. Drag the navbar and there you should have a notification telling you that the snapshot has been saved. Tap it and you will then be taken to the image.
  5. If you wish to send it to your friends, then you need to select it and then tap the ‘share’ button and select the service you wish to use.
  6. Confirm that and that would be all. You’ve successfully created and sent a screenshot on HTC One S.

That’s it, now you are free to create as many snapshots of your HTC ONE S screens as you want. If you didn’t understand the instructions I’ve posted in the tutorial then you should ask for help in our comments field.

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