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How to Take Screenshots on Google Nexus 10

Use this tutorial in order to learn how to take a screenshot of the contents displayed by your Google Nexus 10 tablet.

This is one of the easiest tutorial you would ever need to follow, as it will show you exactly how to grab screenshots of applications, movies, gallery, folders, errors, or for any other type of content that is displayed on your tablet’s screen.

The instructions listed in this post will work with any Nexus 10 tablets, it doesn’t matter if these are rooted or non-rooted as it will work either way. Note that the task of taking a screenshot of your tablet device might not always work at the first attempt which is why it is recommended for you to try more than once until you get it right.

Read the entire tutorial below and you should be able to learn easily without worrying about looking at any other guides.

How to take Google Nexus 10 Screenshot:

  1. Go to the screen that you wish to capture.
  2. Now, press and hold at the same time Power and Volume Down buttons.
  3. You should hear a click sound and a white line bordering the screen. That confirms that the screenshot was taken.
  4. Release the buttons.
  5. To view the screen capture of your Nexus 10 you need to open Gallery.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to complete the tutorial and learn how to capture screenshots on Nexus 10 tablets.

Note that the captured screenshot will appear in the Notification panel, or you can choose to open the Gallery app and look under ‘Screenshot’ folder.

From the Notification panel you can easily share the screenshot using any supported applications that’s listed in the ‘shared with’ list.

If you cannot take a screenshot at the first attempt, then it would be best for you to try and repeat the tutorial.

If you still can’t master the button combination and capture your Nexus 10 displayed contents, then you can choose to use a small tool called Screenshot by Lovekara — Google Play link here.

If you cannot take a screenshot with your tablet, then you can ask for more help in comments.

NOTE: if your Nexus 10 tablet runs on a custom ROM then you should check its General or Display Settings in order to see if there is any ‘screenshot’ function listed. If it is, then you can simply enable it and then this option might be added to the Power context menu.

Also, if you can think of an alternative method that Nexus 10 owners could use to take screenshots of their device, then you’re free to tell us and we will update the guide.

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