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How to Test Windows Phone 7 on your Android or iOS Device

Windows Phone 7 Demo

Microsoft has big plans with its mobile operating system Windows Phone 7, but it does have to face off some quite sturdy and well balanced competitors like Android and iOS. Chances are that the mobile OS will only start to gain some momentum while Nokia releases more and cheaper devices that run it. If you are curious about how the Windows Phone 7 platform looks like but you haven’t had the chance of playing around with an actual device, this guide is just what you are looking for.

As it turns out, Microsoft has been busy working out on a way to let others see and feel their Windows Phone 7 creation without having to take a ride to their nearest smartphone dealer. Microsoft has just launched an interactive browser based demo of their OS which allows you to get to know their OS whenever you please.

You can check out how this interactive demo works by going to this address: http://aka.ms/wpdemo . This cleverly designed webpage uses the HTML 5 standard and it allows you to see what the major apps present on the home screen of any Windows Phone 7 running device look like. This way, you can tell if you like or not the Phone, People, Messaging, Outlook, Family and other smaller but important apps of Windows Phone 7. The best part of this demo is that the live tiles on the home screen come with all the animations of the ones you see on the real devices.

Windows Phone 7 Demo

Windows Phone 7 Demo

We will give it to Microsoft for creating such a nice demo, but it still runs a little bit slow on some older devices. Even so, you can clearly see how Microsoft has though the operation of its system, and using any of the features described above will also show you a mini guide and a way of completing what we have seen as a tutorial on the basic functions of Windows Phone 7.

For some us, this may be the first time we see and feel the relatively new mobile OS, but even so we might find it very appealing when compared to the older Windows Mobile platform and even to Android and iOS. The only downside is that there are no budget or middle market WP 7 running devices out there, but thanks to Nokia some should be on their way very soon. This may actually not be a disadvantage if we take a closer look at Apple, but most people prefer to start with a cheap device on a new mobile OS.

With this little demo, Microsoft may attract some more users to their Windows Phone 7 platform, but the thing is that the availability of devices running on it is still a big issue in some parts of the world, and as that wouldn’t be enough of a deterrent, the prices are also high when compared to a similarly equipped device powered by Android for example.

I really hope that Windows Phone 7 makes it through its early stages, because it has the potential of becoming a great success in the long term.