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How to Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S5

A phone that is bricked might be an Android user’s worst nightmare as that means that data is lost and a real possibility of never being able to fix the device.

Use this tutorial and learn how you can successfully unbrick your Samsung Galaxy S5 and make it work once again. Note that in case your phone is bricked then you probably cannot boot it on, it boots but it restarts almost immediately or its screen stays black no matter what you do to it.

There are two different Samsung ‘bricks’, one that is hardware-related and you can’t do anything about it, as the device becomes unusable, the other one could be software related and you can fix it.

A software brick of a Samsung phone can be fixed using Factory Reset or by installing a new stock Android OS using ODIN application. Odin is a small tool that is destined to be used by Samsung owners whenever they want to flash a full stock Android version.

If you think that your device is bricked and a Factory Reset will fix it, then you can choose to use our ‘How to Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy S5’ guideĀ here.

Note that by factory resetting your device you will lose all the data that is currently stored on your phone. Make sure to remove the external microSD card if there is one connected, so that you will not lose the data stored on it, too. Any other data that you might have stored on your phone and you can save then you should go ahead and do it, after that you can start the factory reset.

If the Factory Reset tutorial fails and the Galaxy S5 still doesn’t boot in normal mode, then you should try to re-install the Samsung Android OS stock version. For this you will have to use the ODIN application. The tutorial below lists all the steps that you need to take in order to unbrick the phone and restore it to a working state.

How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy S5:

For this tutorial you should make sure that the Samsung USB Drivers are installed on your computer.

Download Samsung USB Drivers for your PC from here.

Also, it would be best if you had the USB Debugging enabled on your device. However, since your device is bricked then you might not be able to boot in normal mode and the USB Debugging option cannot be accessed. Odin should be more than capable of by-passing it.

  1. Now, go to SamMobile’s web site here.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Then you need to use the ‘Search’ box and type in your Galaxy S5 model number.
    – the model number is listed under Settings > More > About Device > Build Number.
    – enter the correct build number.
  4. Download one of the stock Android firmware files that matches your Galaxy S5 model.
  5. Extract the contents of the zip file and save the files on your PC.
    – there should a .tar.md5 file, don’t extract any further than that.
  6. Next, download Odin 3.09 from here.
  7. Extract ODIN zip contents and save the file on your PC.
  8. Make sure that the phone is switched off.
    – remove its battery and then re-insert it after ten seconds.
  9. Boot the Galaxy S5 in Download Mode.
  10. Launch ODIN executable on your PC.
  11. Connect your phone to your PC via USB data cable.
    – wait for ODIN to recognize your phone, then continue to the next step.
  12. Go to ODIN window and click on the AP button.
  13. Load the .tar.md5 file extracted in step 5.
    – that is the stock Android OS file.
    – don’t change any other default ODIN Settings, just make sure that ‘Re-partitioning’ is disabled.
  14. Now you can press the START button for the installation to begin.

Wait for ODIN to complete the flashing process of a new and stock Android ROM for your Samsung Galaxy S5.

After the phone boots you should be able to enter your default Gmail accoun and take control over your phone once again.

In case you need any extra help you should use the comments field below.

If you can’t repair your device, then it would be best for you to take it to a specialized service center and hope that they will be able to repair it for you. Also, if you have a valid warranty, then you can take it to your retailer / carrier and they should take care of the problem.

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