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How to unlock HTC One S Bootloader using Hasoon2000 One S AIO Toolkit

HTC One S Root Unlock Bootloader Toolkit

The toolkit for One S that you’ll find in this post will help you apply several hacks on your device, something like rooting, unlocking the bootloader . The bootloader unlock is the part that interests us, as you need to unlock the bootloader of this device as it will allow you to install new custom ROMs on your phone.

One S AIO Toolkit application is in fact an all-in-one utility package that will help you root and unlock the bootloader. This eventually is needed if you wish to flash new ROM’s for your device and install custom kernels. Here’s what you need to do in order to download and install the S AIO Toolkit on your PC and what to do in order to root and unlock the bootloader of your HTC One S device.

This toolkit will install the HTC Drivers for your smartphone.

Please note that the guide listed here will work only with the One S device and do not even attempt to use it with any other smartphone or tablet.

How to correctly use the Hasoon2000’s One S AIO Toolkit ( Root / Unlock bootloader of HTC One S ):

  1. Download the all-in-one toolkit for One S from here.
  2. Extract the zip contents in a single folder on your PC.
  3. Open that folder and then launch the One S executable file.
  4. When the Hassoon2000 One S AIO toolkit screen launches you simply use the on-screen instructions and root or unlock bootloader or even both.
  5. After you’ve applied the rooting and the unlocking bootloader instructions, you will be free to install any new custom ROMs for your HTC One S.

These were all the steps you had to take. If you can’t root or unlock the One S bootloader with this AIO toolkit by Hasoon2000, then you should tell us in comments and we will try to help you. Make sure that you specify exactly what actions you’ve applied, what you intend to do and from where you’ve become stuck.

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  • evil1tool

    After flashing twrp s4 to my phone, tried perm root to no avail. not sure of I did something incorrectly or not. please help.

  • Ian Hayes

    I completed everything on the left of the tool kit, installed the s3 recovery, but when I hit permaroot I get a single line in the command prompt, the phone doesn’t respond, when I close the first command prompt, the second opens and my phone boots into the one s developer screen with the red text about how this operating system is unstable and for developers only blah blah blah, but my phone never gets past that point. So I reboot, it starts up like normal, but (obviously) no root. I’m new to rooting myself, have owned rooted phones before and since this tool kit exists I wanted to try it. Also, I have usb debugging and fast boot both active. Think you guys can help?