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How to Update AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II with Beautiful Foxhound ROM

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II

After its international cousin, the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S II i777 has finally made it to the spotlight in the developer world. Unlike its international i9100 version that managed to sell in a vast number, the i777 model for AT&T has not raised as much interest. Even such, eve since the Android 4.0 ICS update has been made available to the international version, custom ROMs have been pouring down the line for those interested in changing their original software. This is exactly the case with the new Beautiful Foxhound ROM which is based on Android 4.0.3 ICS and aims at improving both the looks and the performance of the original firmware.

The best part about this Beautiful Foxhound ROM is that it comes as a flavor of the AOSP build, which basically means vanilla ICS, but it also has a nifty trick in store for you, the ability to customize a lot of design related aspects thanks to its inbuilt Cool Customization feature. If we are at the inbuilt chapter, it is also worth noting that this custom ROM also comes with a Performance Mod which will help you tweak various performance options for your convenience.

As with any custom ROM, this one will also need a rooted firmware in order to be successfully applied. Apart from this there is always the unknown factor, which is better detailed by our disclaimer notice: This software is not our creation so we must warn you that you cannot hold us responsible for any damage that might occur to your device by following the procedures in this guide. However, we will try to help you sort out any glitches or problems that might arise by following the steps in this guide to the extent our knowledge limits us. Rest assured as the Beautiful Foxhound ROM has been thoroughly tested prior to its release so you should not experience any issues during or after the updating procedure.

To get a better feel of how this custom ROM looks please take some time to study the screen shots below:

Beautiful Foxhound ROM

Beautiful Foxhound ROM

Beautiful Foxhound ROM

Beautiful Foxhound ROM

Next up is the part where we will be covering the backing up issues. Installing any custom ROM on your AT&T Galaxy S II will result in the loss of all your personal data, and in order to avoid this we have come up with a list of procedures and third party apps that will help you both backup and restore your data once the update is complete. We are not using the original Samsung KIES software because it simply does not support any custom ROMs.

  • Text messages – We will back them up with the following application : SMS Backup & Restore
  • Phone Contacts –  You can simply synchronize them to your Gmail account or export them to the micro SD card as a .vcf file
  • Call Log – We will use the following application to backup your call log : Call Log Backup and Restore
  • Pictures, Music, Videos, and other files – Simply copy them to your microSD card.
  • Internet & MMS Settings – Write down all the settings from this path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”

There are also a couple of hardware related safety measures that need to be fulfilled before beginning the updating process, so please read them carefully:

  1. The most important aspect is that you must have a Rooted Galaxy S II before going through the update procedure, and you must also have the ClockworkMod Recovery installed.
  2. Be sure to charge your AT&T Galaxy S II i777 to full or to a minimum of 60% to ensure that the phone will not power off during the updating process. If it does power off there is a high risk of it turning into an expensive brick.

From here on, all the steps are related to the actual update process, so please make sure you follow them with maximum precaution and attention. It is also worth mentioning that you might want to make a nandroid backup from the ClockworkMod recovery just to be on the safe side in case something goes wrong with the update to the Beautiful Foxhound ROM.

  • First up, you will have to download the latest version of the Beautiful Foxhound ROM from the official developer’s webpage.
  • Once you have finished downloading the Zip archive you will have to move it to the root folder of your smartphone’s internal memory card. The root folder means the one that shows when you open the card on your computer, and also be sure not to place it in any additional subfolders.
  • Now you will have to shut down your AT&T Galaxy S II and restart it in in the ClockworkMod Recovery. The easiest way of doing this is to press the Volume Down button and the Volume Up simultaneously and then press the Power button after the device has been shut down. Keep the buttons pressed until the screen flashes two times and after you should see a black screen with many lines of text on it and a ClockworkMod logo on the top.
  • Next up you will have to do some routine cleaning up before you can safely install the Beautiful Foxhound ROM. In order to do this you need to select the Wipe data/factory reset & Wipe Cache partition options from the ClockworkMod Recovery and wait for them to finish their respective jobs.
  • This next step is very important as it is the where you will actually apply the update. In order to do so you must select the following option: Install zip from sd card > Choose zip from sd card, and then choose the Beautiful Foxhound ROM Zip that you have downloaded and placed on your Galaxy S II’s internal memory card.
  • From here on you only have to watch your Samsung Galaxy S II work, but it will take some time for it to finish installing the update. When it finishes you will have to go to the main menu of the ClockworkMod Recovery by pressing the back key or selecting the back option from the menu and restart your device in the normal way by selecting the Reboot now option.

As with every freshly installed custom ROM out there, the first normal boot may take some time, and users have reported having to wait up to 30 minutes for it to finish, so please do not rush things. If your Galaxy S II i777 is still stuck in the booting phase after that interval of time you should remove the battery, restart your device into Recovery mode and re try the steps above. It will also help to restore that nandroid backup if you choose to temporarily abandon the update. If you still can’t get it to work please tell us in the comments section below so we can assist you.

If everything went according to the plan you should now have an AT&T Galaxy S II running the Beautiful Foxhound ROM and all that’s left for you now is to restore your personal data using the same apps and procedures as in the above guide and customize the software to your own liking.

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