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How to update Google Nexus 7 to Official Android 4.2 JOP40C Firmware

The Official Android 4.2 OTA Update firmware for the Nexus 7 has been released and, in case you didn’t receive the notification then you should use this tutorial and learn how to successfully flash it on your tablet device.

This update has to be flashed over the JZO54K Android 4.1.2 stock firmware that doesn’t feature any modifications. More info about this can be found in the preparation guide.

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OTA update has the build number JOP40C and it will install the latest Google operating system for your tablet. It comes with tons of new features, such as the auto-rotation mode being now supported for home screen, multiple user accounts can be created now, Daydream function and many many others that you can test only by upgrading your device. Use this guide to manually download and install the new Android 4.2 firmware update for your Nexus 7 device.

Before moving to the ‘how-to’ guide you should read the preparation guide below:

  • Flash the files listed in this post only on the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Do not try to update any other Android device using these files.
  • The Nexus 7 you’re about to update should be running the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean JZO54K stock firmware.
  • In case your device is running CWM Recovery or TWRP Recovery can easily update their devices by getting the OTA firmware update file from the tutorial and then booting into recovery mode. Flash the update as you would do with any other ROM and that should do it. If your tablet Nexus 7 doesn’t have such custom recoveries then you should read the entire tutorial.
  • Your PC should have the tablet drivers installed. If yours doesn’t then you should get the Android SDK from HERE. Install the drivers and then continue to the next part of this post.
  • Enable USB Debugging from the Developer options.
  • Charge the tablet’s battery until it reaches at least 50%. This means that it won’t power off in the middle of the updating process.
  • Note that we cannot be blamed in case something goes wrong and you cannot use your device after applying the update files.
  • Install the Android 4.2 OTA update only if you know what you’re doing. However, if you do stumble upon any roadblocks, then you should ask for more help in comments.
  • Apply all the steps listed in the tutorial and don’t think about skipping any of them because that will result in a failed attempt of updating your tablet.

That’s all you had to read before moving to the most important part of this guide. Now you can begin the installation of this new Android Jelly Bean update on your tablet device.

How to update Nexus 7 to Android 4.2 JOP40C Official OTA Firmware:

  1. Download the JOP40C OTA Update zip from HERE.
  2. Get the Fastboot zip file from HERE. This pack contains the ‘adb files’ you will need in order to install the OTA update on your tablet.
  3. Extract the contents from the Fastboot zip and save them in a folder called ‘fastboot’ on your PC desktop. Move the OTA Android 4.2 update file into the Fastboot folder. You should now have 5 files stored in it.
  4. Make sure your Nexus 7 is powered OFF. Boot into Stock recovery. It can be done by firstly booting the bootloader mode, which means that you have to press ‘volume down’ and ‘power’ buttons at the same time. When the screen powers on you should release the buttons. Select ‘Recovery mode’ and confirm the boot.
  5. The Nexus 7 screen will display a red exclamation point and an Android. Now you have to press ‘Power’ and at the same time press Volume UP to open the recovery menu. Now move to the next step.
  6. Choose ‘apply update from adb option’ from the stock recovery menu.
  7. Use the USB cable and connect your Nexus 7 to your PC. The drivers for it will now be installed and you should wait until this action is complete.
  8. Go to the ‘fastboot’ folder on your PC. Press SHIFT key and at the same time right-click on the folder’s white space. Select ‘open command window here’. If you cannot do this, then you should run the CMD from Start Menu and then point it to this fastboot folder.
  9. Command Prompt window will now load and you need to enter the following command lines in order to install the update file:
    • adb devices – The Nexus 7 device ID should be displayed. In case this doesn’t happen, then you should re-install the drivers using the instructions listed in the preparation info.
    • adb sideload 094f6629314a.signed-nakasi-JOP40C-from-JZO54K.094f6629.zip – this is the command line you need to enter in order to start the update. Note that you should first see the ‘sending: sideload’ text in cmd window and when this gets to 100% then you will notice the updating process has started.
  10. When the JOP40C Android 4.2 OTA Update file installs successfully you will simply need to select ‘reboot system now’. The Nexus 7 will restart and it will load the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean new firmware.
  11. That’s all you had to take in order to complete the update.

I think that these are all the steps you had to take in order to successfully flash the required files. Now you need to test the new ROM and you should tell us in comments how is Android 4.2 running on your Nexus 7. Also, use the comments to ask for more instructions in case you’re having trouble with the installation.

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