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How to update Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 to ICS Stunner 4.0.3

Fortunately for all Galaxy Note users, we now have a stable and very fast ICS 4.0.3 ROM to flash your device. We tested the latest version for about 24 hours without any kind of issue. The ICS Stunner is simply awesome, lightning fast and bug-free, or at least we didn’t trigger any.

This custom ROM comes with some great features along with the stock Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 firmware and I am sure you will enjoy most of them, especially the Euphoria controls.

What you need to know about ICS Stunner 4.0.3

  • Comes with AOKP features and Euphoria Control, which makes your device much more customizable.
  • Multiple device settings to tweak performance, battery lifetime, screen colors and more.
  • Ability to switch between Tablet UI and Phone UI easily, offering you a real tablet experience.
  • RAM Tweaking ability for both multitasking mode and gaming mode.
  • FM Radio and Sim Tool Kit are not working yet, so please don’t report it as a bug.

Please note that you have to root your device before flashing this firmware, because it won’t work otherwise. So if your Galaxy Note is not already rooted, follow the following guide, otherwise skip to the next step.

If you are already running a rooted Ice Cream Sandwich on your Galaxy Note, skip everything to the last part, “Update Galaxy Note to ICS Stunner with CWM.”

If your device is not yet rooted, then you will have to root it. But not all Gingerbread firmware can be rooted, so please make sure your current firmware is one of the following: XXKJ1, ZSKJ6, XXKJA, XXKJ, JPKJ4, XXKK3, XXKKA, JPKK2, XBKK4, DXKK1, ZSKK1, DXKK1, XXKK9, XXKKA, DXKL3, DXKL1.  If it’s not, you will have to downgrade it and skip the root, because it will be done automatically. Otherwise skip the downgrade and head to rooting.

Downgrade Galaxy Note to older Gingerbread ROM

  • First you have to download the KJ1 ROM here and extract it until you have a .tar file.
  • Download Odin 1.85 here and launch it, then click the PDA button and select “SGN_XX_OXA_KJ1_FACTORYFS.tar”.
  • While your device is disconnected from the PC, shut down your Galaxy Note, then boot into download mode by pressing the volume down + home + volume keys simultaneously. After you see the green Android press volume up to enter download mode.
  • Now it’s safe to connect the device to your computer through the USB cable. If Odin recognizes it, you should see a yellow ID: COM box. Otherwise head to “Developer Options” and tick “USB Debugging”. Then install Kies on your PC to make sure you have the latest USB drivers.
  • Before proceeding, make sure you didn’t check anything else in Odin or you might damage or brick your device. Remember, just Click PDA, choose the file and press start once the ID: COM box turns yellow and your device is in download mode. Also make sure to exit Kies and any other sync software and deactivate your antivirus and other security suites, because they might interrupt the process.
  • Press start and wait for the process to finish and the device to reboot twice.

Now you should be running an older and rooted Gingerbread stock ROM that can be updated to ICS Stunner 4.0.3. If everything went well, please skip the next part, because you don’t need to root it anymore.

How to root Galaxy Note N7000

  • First you must find out what kernel is on your device. Go to Settings > About Phone > Kernel Version to check. The red part is what matters in the following example:
  • Depending on what kernel your device has, download the proper file from this list: KJ1, KJ4, KJ6/KJ7/KJ8, KK1/KK2/KK3/KK4/KK5, KKA, KK9, KL3, KL1.
  • Now extract the downloaded file.
  • Make sure you have the latest USB drivers and the best way to do it is installing Kies.
  • Tick “USB debugging” in the Developer Options menu in your device settings.
  • Connect your device to the PC.
  • Run not-rooted-yet.bat from the extracted folder and press any key to continue.
  • In a few minutes the root should be done and you can proceed further.

Update Galaxy Note to ICS 4.0.3 with Mobile Odin

There are two versions, Mobile Odin and Mobile Odin Pro. The pro ( paid ) version is recommended, because it’s easier to use, though we will guide you though flashing with the free version too. Fortunately, flashing with Mobile Odin doesn’t make the yellow triangle appear and it doesn’t increase the custom kernel counter.
To install Mobile Odin free, first download it from here, and then download the flashkernel here. Extract the flashkernel and copy both files on your device. Now launch first MobileODINLite-v2.30.apk, then the flashkernel apk from your device’s file manager.
To install Mobile Odin Pro, download it from Google Play and after it’s installed, let it download the additional 8MB it requires to run.

  • Once you have Mobile Odin up and running, download the ICS 4.0.4 ROM here.
  • Copy the file on your device.
  • Launch Mobile Odin and choose the downloaded Ice Cream Sandwich ROM without changing any settings, then start the update.
  • Let the phone boot. You now have a Chinese Galaxy Note ICS leak which doesn’t look very well. Proceed to the next step to flash ICS Stunner, which is a custom ROM you will surely love.

Update Galaxy Note to ICS Stunner with CWM

This is the last step you need to follow in order to flash the custom ICS ROM on your device.

  • Download ICS Stunner Beta 4.3 here.
  • Shut down your smartphone and boot into recovery mode by pressing volume up, home button and power button simultaneously.
  • Go to “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and choose “Yes”.
  • Go to “Install Zip from SD Card”, choose the ICS Stunner ROM and then “Yes”.
  • Wait for the update to finish and then reboot your device.

If everything went well and you are running ICS Stunner Beta 4.3 you will have to use the Apex Launcher. It’s the only one that works well on this firmware. Also don’t scare if Apex force-closes, because it will only happen once. This might also happen with Google Play when you launch it for the first time.

When booting the first time the boot animation might stop. Then you have to long press the power button and boot your smartphone again. This only happens once.

Note: Updating your Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 might damage or brick it if not done carefully. Neither us or the developers can be held responsive, as you are doing this on your own responsibility. We have tested the ROM and it works very well, so it is your own fault if you do not follow the guide accordingly.
Below you can see some screenshots of the ROM.

Please let us know what’s your opinion about it, how does it work and if you encountered any issue during the flashing process or while running it.

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