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How to update Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 to LiquidSmooth Ice Cream Sandwich

The LiquidSmooth ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note is very fast and stable, coming with a lot of features, being based on AOSP and AOKP. It comes with Liquid Control, which offers you a plethora of customization and performance settings. It features full screen mode, customizable navbar, 5 lockscreens, custom battery icons, overclock and underbolt options, gamma and color control, along with the ability to edit the built.prop using PropModder.

LiquidSmooth is based on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and we didn’t notice any bugs yet, though you should know that FM, WiFi Direct and the S Pen button are not working yet. Please note that this is a custom firmware and it requires your device to be rooted. Rooting and flashing custom ROMs on your device might void your warranty and we can not be held responsible for any damages done to your device. This ROM has been tested by us and it proved to be safe, but bad things can happen, especially if you do any mistake while flashing it.

Before starting the Galaxy Note update, please note that you might lose your data, so you have to perform some backups.

If you are running a not rooted Gingerbread ROM, follow our guide to root you Samsung Galaxy Note. After that, proceed to backup your device and flash the update.

How to backup Samsung Galaxy Note

First you should backup your contacts, SMS messages, call logs and files ( music, videos, documents ). And here’s how you can do it:

Contacts: Sync them with Gmail.

SMS messages: Use SMS Backup and Restore.

Call logs: Use Call Log Backup and Restore.

Files: Copy them to the internal or external SD card because they will be safe there.

And there is one more way to backup your entire device, including files, apps and basically all data using ClockworkMod Recovery. Reboot your phone in recovery mode ( volume up + home + power buttons simultanously ), go to backups and perform one. Please note that it might take 5-10 minutes and might require more than 1GB of free space.

How to update Gingerbread-running Samsung Galaxy Note to LiquidSmooth Ice Cream Sandwich


To Flash the REPACK_LP1 CF Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the Galaxy Note, you will have to install Mobile Odin, either free or pro version. You can install Mobile Odin here. If you choose to download Mobile Odin Lite, then you will have to manually download the FlashKernel here.

Once you have Mobile Odin up and running, download the Android ICS 4.0.4 ROM here and copy it to your device. Now launch Mobile Odin and choose the downloaded file, then start the upgrade without changing any settings. After Mobile Odin finishes the update, you will have an Ice Cream Sandwith leak on your Samsung Galaxy Note.

You will now have to proceed with the update to LiquidSmooth.

How to update Ice Cream Sandwich-running Samsung Galaxy Note to LiquidSmooth

If you are already using an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on your Galaxy Note or you updated using our guide to the 4.0.4 leak, then you can proceed with the LiquidSmooth update.

First download the LiquidSmooth ROM here. After you download it, copy it to your device and proceed to wipe data and flash LiquidSmooth.

Then we suggest you to wipe all data on your Galaxy Note, because you might have problems otherwise. Reboot your device into recovery mode ( volume up + home + power buttons ) and go to Wipe Data/Factory Reset, then choose yes.

Now head to “Install Zip from SD Card”, choose the downloaded file and wait until the update ends. Now your phone will boot into the LiquidSmooth ROM and you will see how fast and smooth it is. The first boot might take longer, so don’t worry if it takes a few minutes. If it gets stuck for a longer time during boot, try to flash the firmware again.

Here’s a video of the LiquidSmooth ROM on my Samsung Galaxy Note:


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