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How to update Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched for a year now and it used to run the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS, then it got the Android 4.3 JB builds update and finally the Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Since the day of Galaxy S4 launch was so long ago and as the time went there were some new Android OS updates released by Google and Samsung, official firmware updates that you can install on your smartphone and benefit from the latest features and functions.

Use this post if you want to learn how to update the device with stock Android 4.4.2 KitKat and future versions without installing any custom files.

Learn how to successfully check for update files and how to successfully install them on your Samsung Galaxy S4 device. If the phone gets a notification which says that a new Android version update is available, then you can easily apply the installation by opening it. However, device owners that won’t receive such update notification will have to check for new files by themselves in order to flash a brand new OS upgrade.

This tutorial will teach you how to see if there are new Android OS updates for your Galaxy S4. Usually updates are released for specific regions first and after a while these updates will reach all Galaxy S4 phones worldwide. If your device is an International model and an update was released for a different country than the one you’re currently based in, then you can still use ODIN software in order to flash the update.

Use this post for all Galaxy S4 variants and models. The tutorial isn’t based on a specific smartphone model, as all the S4 versions all over the world are using the same TouchWiz interface and the guide below applies for every single device.

How to manually update Samsung Galaxy S4 to a new Android OS version via OTA

Open your smartphone’s Settings menu > More, then you should go to About Device, open it.

Next, tap on Software Update menu, then  check for new updates. If there is one available simply click the Download button and confirm the process.

NOTE: make sure to use an Wi-Fi connection in order to download all the new files. New OS updates files are big and you wouldn’t want to drain your Mobile Data plan. Also, downloads over Wi-Fi are usually much more stable.

After the download is in progress your phone reboots and a small green Android with the ‘Installing system update’ text under it will appear. Wait for the installation to complete.

When the new Galaxy S4 Android update is finished you will see the phone rebooting in normal mode and that should be all.

After the device boots in normal mode, then you should go to Settings, open About Device section and check the Android build number to confirm that the new OS version has been flashed successfully.

This method is also know as OTA (over-the-air) Android Upgrade.

How to update Samsung Galaxy S4 with KIES

If the OTA Update isn’t available for your device, then you might want to try and see if the new firmware update files are available via Samsung KIES software.

Make sure that you have the Samsung USB Drivers installed on your computer first.

Download and install the Samsung KIES program on your PC.

Use the USB Cable and connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your PC. Wait for all drivers to be installed.

If there are any new Android update files available for your phone, then the KIES program will show a pop-up window.

Click the Update button and wait for the download to complete.

When the download is complete you simple press Start Upgrade.

Wait for the installation to complete and that would be all. Reboot your phone after the update is done.

How to update Samsung Galaxy S4 using Odin.

This method is for more advanced users. Odin is a small tool that allows you to successfully flash new official Android updates / ROMs in case your device didn’t get the new update. Odin works only with Samsung smartphones.

We’ve used Odin3 v3.07 and Odin 3.09 in order to update the Samsung Galaxy S4.

For you to use ODIN you will need to have downloaded the new Android OS update firmware files. SamMobile is a great source for these types of files.

You simply have to make sure that the Samsung USB Drivers are installed on your phone, then you download the Firmware Update file (.tar.md5). Save the firmware on your computer, power off the phone and then boot it in Android Download Mode.

After the phone is in Download Mode you have to launch Odin executable on your PC, connect the Galaxy S4 to computer via USB Cable. Odin will recognize the device, then you need to put the .tar.md5 firmware image file in PDA (Odin 3.07) or AP (Odin 3.09). Example.

I hope that you managed to understand all the info listed in this post. If you need any more help then feel free to tell us in comments.

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