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How to Update the Samsung Galaxy ACE with the Myth ICS 4.0.3 v3.0 Custom ROM

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Although Samsung has yet to update any other handset other than the Galaxy S II to Android 4.0 ICS, it looks like the developer community for the Korean manufacturer is already going full throttle in providing Android 4.0.3 ICS updates to a great number of Samsung made smart phones out there, both newer and older. This Myth ICS 4.0.3 v3.0 Custom ROM is particularly interesting because it is aimed a middle market device of the past generation, the Samsung Galaxy Ace. This particular smart phone doesn’t even come with a 1 GHz processor, so making Android 4.0 ICS run fluently on it must have been a real challenge.

Updating your Galaxy Ace with any custom made software implies voiding your warranty, so if you commit to this you should be at peace with losing the warranty. Before we move on we must also tell you a couple of words: As with any software that is not our own creation, we must warn you that you cannot hold us responsible for any damage that might occur to your device by following the procedures in this guide. However, we will try to help you sort out any glitches or problems that might arise by following the steps in this guide to the extent our knowledge limits us. If you feel uneasy after reading this please remember that this procedure has been thoroughly tested by other users and by the developer so it should work without a hitch.

Thankfully, this updating procedure for the Galaxy Ace is reversible so if you find yourself in need of the stock firmware again, you can just apply the stock DDKQ8 firmware and by doing this you will undo the rooting procedure.

And now let us move on to the first part of this guide, the one that covers the main features of the Myth ICS 4.0.3 v3.0 Custom ROM for the Galaxy Ace:

  •  Based on stock DXKT5 2.3.6
  •  Supported 55 languages ( Europe, Asian, Middle east)
  •  Default language: English
  •  System file is in ext4 format
  •  Pre-rooted and Pre-deodexed
  •  Over scroll glow and CRT OFF effect enabled
  •  Used CF-root kernel b84 Fixed
  •  Script to manage RAM LagfreeV3
  •  Script to manage RAM Turbo Boost v.8.5
  •  Script to manage RAM Adrenaline Boost v.2
  •  Modded TouchWiz Launcher 5×4, 5 dock
  •  14 toggles mod included (flash light not working on ace)
  •  Overscroll glow and CRT animation effect
  •  Ice cream sandwitch bootanimation
  •  Ice cream sandwitch keyboard and wallpapers
  •  Flash Player supported v. (not working on opera mini)
  •  RTL Fix for Arabic Ardu Farsi and Hebrew users
  •  CWM recovery v.
  •  A2sd GUI script
  •  Smooth scroll mod
  •  Hacked ‘hosts’ file

These are the main features of this particular ROM, but to get a better feel of what you are installing feel free to check the screen shots below to see how the new Android 4.0 ICS ROM looks like.


Myth ICS 4.0.3 v3.0 Custom ROM Screen Shots

Myth ICS 4.0.3 v3.0 Custom ROM Screen Shots

This part of the guide will be dedicated to the process of backing up your personal data from your Galaxy Ace. As you should know by now, updating an Android device with custom firmware implies losing the personal data stored on it. In order to overcome this little problem we will be using a couple of easy procedures as well as some third party apps. You can find the list below, but if you want to use some of your own apps you are free to do so:

  • Call Log – We will use the following application to backup your call log : Call Log Backup and Restore
  • Text messages – We will back them up with this application : SMS Backup & Restore
  • Phone Contacts –  You can simply synchronize them to your Gmail account or export them to the micro SD card as a .vcf file
  • Pictures, Music, Videos, and other files – Simply copy them to your microSD card.
  • Internet & MMS Settings – Write down all the settings from this path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”

You should also follow the two simple rules below, which will prevent your phone from becoming an expensive brick if something goes horribly wrong. You know what they say: better safe than sorry.

  • Make sure you are running a rooted ROM already before proceeding to the actual flashing procedure.
  • Charge your device to full or to a minimum of 60% to ensure that the phone will not power off during the install process.

The last part of this guide will be dedicated to the updating procedure. This is where you will find some easy steps that need to be followed in this order that will eventually help you update your Galaxy Ace with the latest Myth ICS custom ROM.

  • The first step requires you to download this Myth Custom ROM Firmware Package to your computer and then copying it to the root of your Samsung’s Galaxy Ace memory card. Be sure not to place the file in any sub folders and also to use the original USB cable.
  • The second step involves disconnecting the USB cable and rebooting your device into Download mode. The latter can be achieved by pressing the Menu key and then Power ON key simultaneously after the device has been shut down until a green robot makes its way to your screen.
  • The third step is actually some cleaning that needs to be done so you will have to select the Wipe data/factory reset & Wipe Cache partition options in order to clear some important areas needed by the new custom ROM.
  • The fourth step is the one that actually installs the Myth ICS 4.0.3 v3.0 Custom ROM. All you need to do is select Install zip from sd card > Choose zip from sd card, and then choose the Myth ICS 4.0.3 v3.0 Custom ROM Firmware Zip which you have conveniently placed in the root folder of the phone’s microSD memory card.

After this you will have to wait somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes for the software to do its trick. After a successful flash, the Samsung Galaxy Ace will boot to either the recovery console or to the normal starting phase. If the smart phone does not reboot in the normal way all you have to do is select the reboot now option from the recovery menu and then simply wait for it to start. Mind you, the first boot might take a bit longer than usual because the software needs to do some additional tinkering.

In the unlikely case you encounter problems during flashing you should follow the steps above again and re apply the firmware update.  This is also valid in case you get the dreaded boot loops. In any case, you might want to restore an earlier nandroid backup before attempting to redo the steps above.

If everything has gone smoothly you can rest as you have successfully installed the Myth ICS 4.0.3 v3.0 Custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Ace and all that’s left now is to enjoy your new bit of software.

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