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How to Update your Samsung Galaxy S2 to Look like the HTC One X with Sense 4.0

I am sure that whoever has seen the latest Sense 4.0 from the HTC One X and happens to own a Samsung Galaxy S2 has wondered if there is a way of making their year old flagship device look and feel like it is equipped like HTC’s latest creation. After some recent scrutiny, most of the HTC Sense critics have arrived at a common conclusion: the Sense 4.0 interface is by far the greatest manufacturer produced Android custom user interface. This critical opinion has raised the even more interesting challenge, to port the Sense 4.0 UI to other devices, and not necessarily HTC ones.

In the course of this article we will present a rather unique way of making your Samsung Galaxy S2 look like it is running the Sense UI. For this to work we will be using a custom Cyanogen Mod ROM and its integrated theme chooser feature. With a little bit of work and some extra themes, a Galaxy S2 user running any edition of the Cyanogen Mod ROM with a theme chooser can easily emulate the Sense 4.0 interface, but the combining process is not going to be easy.

In the lines below we will provide you with a guide on how to make your Galaxy S2 look like a HTC One series device, but be warned that doing so can become quite tricky. It is also worth mentioning that this guide only applies to Galaxy S II owners that have already rooted their devices and are running a Cyanogen Mod ROM.

The first list is going to present the requirements that need to be met in order to make the Sense-ification of the Galaxy S2 possible:

Without the apps and ROM’s above you will not be able to achieve this mod, so please make sure you have them if you decide to follow the updating instructions below:

  1. We will start by downloading this HTC Sense 4.0 Theme Pack.
  2. You will then have to extract the files in that archive to an easy to reach location, such as your desktop.
  3. After this you will have to copy the NTsense.apk file from that folder to your Galaxy S II and install it.
  4. The next step is easy so all you have to do is to launch the Cyanogen Mod Theme Chooser app on your phone and scroll through the list of available themes until you find the NTsense one, and then apply it.
  5. Next up you will have to launch the Fancy Widgets app and go to Appearance settings -> Clock Skins -> All.Download and apply any skin that you like. This action will create a folder on your Galaxy S II’s memory card with the following path: /sdcard/Android/data/fancywidgets/clockskins
  6. Now you will move back to your PC and copy the H7CSlateClock folder from the extracted files to the path previously created on the step above.
  7. The next step involves selecting the H7CSlateClock skin from within the Fancy Widgets app just like in step 5.
  8. In step 8 you will have to launch the MagicLocker Main app and carefully set it so that it does not use its own home replacement skin.
  9. Now you will have to apply the Sense 3.0 – Magic Locker Theme.
  10. Step 10 is all about customization, so you will have to choose between the numerous wallpapers and ringtones included in the theme package we downloaded the ones you like the most and the ones that fit the Sense 4.0 interface.
  11. In the last step you will have to go to the Go Launcher EX settings menu and select circular transitions and also make sure to select the smooth transitions option.

After finishing all the steps you should now have a Samsung Galaxy S2 that runs on a Sense 4.0 themed version of a Cyanogen Mod ROM with which you will surely fool and impress your friends. Just make sure you don’t kill any off the apps we used above with your task manager app as it will ruin the overall appearance.

If you want to return your Galaxy S II to the normal stock feel of a Cyanogen Mod Rom all you have to do is to uninstall the apps you used above and chose a default theme in the Cyanogen Theme Chooser.

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