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How to Wirelessly Sync iTunes with an Android Device

Music WithMe

Many people out there have tasted both the Android and the iDevice world, and have yet to join one side or the other. As such there are plenty of cases where users search for a way of keeping track of their music between the two mobile platforms. The problem is that bridging the gap between the two competitors is not that easy, as they both use different means of storing your files and synchronizing them over the air. This how to is aimed at providing you with a solution to this problem, more specifically at a way of syncing your music between the Apple iTunes software and an Android running device.

We will be syncing iTunes with an Android running device via an application called Music WithMe. There is still some stiff competition for the app, as both Winamp and DoubleTwist offer partly the same functionality, but we think Music WithMe has what it takes to take the first place in users preferences.

As soon as you start the application you will see a menu comprised of some famous albums on the right side and three very interesting options on the left. These are Everyone, My Friends and My Music ad each one provides distinct functionality.

The My Music option provides you with access to the most valuable feature of this app, the ability to sync your music with iTunes.  A bit of a downside is the fact that you need to download the iTunes helper software on your PC for this little app to do its work. When you login to the app for the first time and make a connection between your Android device and the PC the instructions needed to complete the syncing process will be emailed to you. The only thing left to do is to select what music you want to sync between your two devices and to make sure you are not using a 3G network with limited traffic as music is not very data efficient.

Music WithMe Menus

Music WithMe Menus

The Everyone and My Friends options are each aimed at allowing you to find out what others are listening to and to let your friends know about your favorite songs. The Everyone option allows you to see the most popular music based on some charts while the My Friends option allows you to link the app to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and share your music with your friends. In some way, the My Friends option is a new means of socializing via music.

The settings menu of the Music WithMe application allows you to fine tune the app to your preferences by selecting a location for the downloaded music or by making it easy for you to select the default music player.

By far the biggest pros of this application are the flawless syncing of the music and the ability to use without having to pay anything. It is a free app and all you have to do is use this play store link or this download link for PC to get it on your device and start enjoying your music regardless of what platform it is on.