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HP Reportedly Planning Android-powered Tablet with Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU

HP seems to be planning to launch some new tablets, at least that’s what ReadWrite is claiming, which is interesting because they will run Android OS.

The touch far wan’t really a big success, but it seems that HP want’s to give the tablet market. The company had three options in terms of OS namely Android, Windows RT, or the same old WebOS. According to some reports, the company gave up its plans for Windows RT hardware almost a year ago, and WebOS is an operating system developed by the company itself, but that hasn’t been mentioned for a while. The latest reported new confirms that Android will be the next platform of the new HP tablets.

The sources claim that at least one of the company’s new handsets will be underpinned by a Tegra 4 SoC, and that the tablet will be among the first devices on the market that sports a Tegra 4 chip. Putting this together, it meas that HP won’t wait much longer to launch the product. The rumors say that there is also a smartphone involved in HP’s plans, but a mobile phone with the HP brand is pretty hard to believe.

We don’t know what the tablet will be packing, which is a very important aspect. If we think about it, the best Android tablet when it comes to sold units is Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which interestingly doesn’t offer so many of Google’s content and services. But, probably HP will release the tablets with the standard Android OS, perhaps with some tweaks of its own, but that’s it. Deforming an operating system in order to make it its own is just note HP’s style. However, this is the manufacturer that has given up its own product quickly after its launch.

Anyway, another OEM seems to enter the Android tablet battle zone, which is always a good thing, especially when an important one as HP shows up.