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HP Slatebook 10 X2 With Tegra 4 CPU Spotted in Benchmarks

It seems that HP is planning a strong offensive in the Android market in the months to come. After the HP Slate 7 launch, there are two more Android devices that seem to be revealed by some AnTuTu benchmark tests . The first one is the HP Slate 21 AIO, which has been spotted first, while the second handset is named HP Slatebook 10 X2.

According to the AnTuTu benchmark test spotted by Unwired View, the HP Slatebook 10 X2 is powered by the new Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU and runs Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. Even though the HP Slate 21 AIO features the same processor, the SlateBook X2 has obtained a better score than it’s brother (27,259 vs 23,584). While the difference is pretty obvious, these benchmark tests often differ and we don’t know for sure if the SlateBook X2 is that much faster than the Slate 21 AIO.

Nevertheless, there is no way to know if these benchmark are indeed the real deal because we all know that’s not that hard to be faked. But, if they turn out to be real, then it means that HP want’s to become an important player on the Android market by launching a series of high-end handsets. Also, having Nvidia as partner is another reason why the company should be taken very seriously. Until now the only possible OEM we have heard that might be collaborating with Nvidia are ZTE and Toshiba.

It seems that the two HP handsets are not quite the same as the rest of the company’s products. The HP Slate 21 being a very big tablet and AIO, while the Slatebook 10 X2 could be some sort hybrid between a notebook and a tablet, at least that what the name is suggesting. Naturally, we can’t confirm anything at this point and the name of the device could not mean anything.

So far, HP did not have such great results on the mobile market. Perhaps with these new products the company could make a difference, especially now with the Nvidia partnership.