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HP Slatebook 14 Rumored: 14 inch Android based Laptop

If you though that Android was designed just for touch based and portable devices, well you were mistaken. It seems that Google wants to expand the Android market coverage by embracing the laptop, or even the desktop area. In that matter, recent rumors are stating the HP is planning to release the Slatebook 14, an Android powered 14 inch laptop.

Now, according to our sources the Slatebook 14 will be the first laptop, or notebook to run Android out of the box, the device being apparently powered by a quad-core Nvidia chip set along with other high end specs and features. Unfortunately these are still rumors as HP or Google hasn’t confirmed anything yet. But, as you can see in the image from above, the Slatebook 14 looks pretty good along with its Android OS.

Now, even though the Android system is great, the platform being stable and smooth and installed with Google Play, it’s quite hard to imagine a desktop or laptop running on the same. Why? Well basically because on a classic computer we are installing complex aps and programs that are used when we are working or when we perform other dedicated procedures, which can’t be currently applied on Android firmware.

So, we might even say that the HP Slatebook 14 is more like a tablet with an un-removable keyboard doc rather than a classic laptop or notebook. Anyway, we are expecting further info on this matter, as since now HP hasn’t confirmed anything. But, what do you say, are you interested in testing such a device or you rather buy a normal tablet or phablet instead of a 14 inch Android powered laptop?