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HTC Planning a Successor for the Butterfly Flagship

The new HTC One is set to become one of the biggest players of the Android smartphones market in 2013, but it looks like the Taiwan-based company has even bigger plans for this year.

HTC Butterfly has made the headlines in late 2012, when it was officially announced by the Taiwanese phone maker. Unless I’m terribly wrong, HTC also had the first HD smartphone, launched exclusively in US, launched ahead of Galaxy Nexus. Then, HTC Butterfly (known in US as HTC Droid DNA) was the first model with full HD display and now we hear that it will have a successor.

So far we were used to hear about the folks at LG to be the first to announce smartphones that bring the latest hardware technologies. The South Koreans were the first to announce the world’s first dual core smartphone, then the first quad-core smartphone, but the latter one hit the market too late to become a popular product.

Returning to HTC Butterfly, the smartphone is also available on the US market, via Verizon, and is known as Droid DNA, which is almost identical with the international version and its Japanese brother, the HTC Butterfly J.

Focus Taiwan writes, quoting HTC CMO Ben Ho, that the HTC Butterfly will receive a follow-up. It seems that the new model will keep the Butterfly branding, and if you have questions about its release date, learn that we have now idea when the new handset will be announced or released on the market.

The idea of making a successor for HTC Butterfly is somehow intriguing, as it might be even better than HTC One, the company’s latest smartphone.

Is it the Taiwanese phone maker ready to launch an octo-core smartphone on the market? Or maybe it will pack Qualcomm’s mighty Snapdragon 800 chipset. Thoughts?