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HTC One Aka HTC M7 Photo Caught In The Wild

We mentioned earlier that the next HTC flagship (the M7) will be released under the name of HTC One. Now. it looks like Twitter leaker @evleaks has posted an image featuring the device, as well. This could actually be the final design of the HTC M7, and it looks pretty good.

When you first look at it, there is no way that you can’t observe resemblance with the Blackberry Z10. However, it’s hard to tell if it’s exactly the same before getting your hands on it. Also, it’s obvious that this device doesn’t have the same appearance as the one featured in the purported pic of the HTC M7 leaked before this one, but it has the same overall design of a leaked render from the exact same source. It might actually be the same photo, but with the display details being restored.

When looking at the design of the HTC One, we can see that it features some different elements such as the microdrilled speaker grills. If you remember, the company did specified that the new handset will “kick off a new sound experience”. Maybe, this was what they were talking about after all.

But, let’s take another glace at the smartphone. Interestingly, something is missing from the picture. If you look beneath the device’s screen, there are two navigation controls namely “Back” and “Home”. Usually, on a HTC product it would normally be featured a “Recent apps” button, as well. The HTC logo is placed in the center, instead. But, this is not a big deal because the home button can be used to access the recent apps as a secondary function, just like on the smartphones developed by Samsung.

The photo shoes Tuesday 19 Feb as the date on the display. Considering, that HTC put the date on its press photo as a launch date, we can assume that the HTC One is going to be unveiled on February 19th. Also, the location on the display is showed as being London.

We can also observe the Facebook images, which actually don’t mean anything in particular, unless the company want’s to come up with some kind of social feed aggregator. The five icons on the bottom of the display also seem distinct from the ones featured by the latest HTC product, the Sense 4+. As you can see, they cave a much simpler design.

However, the photo is far from being officially confirmed by HTC. This could just have been created by a random guy with a little skill for photo editing. The one thing that doesn’t really match the story is the fact that it shows the temperature as 20C and overcast, when the forecast for February 19th is 9C and rainy.

Anyway, the release date of the HTC One probably is February 19th, the only thing remaining to see is if indeed the phone will look like this.