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HTC M7 Flagship To Come Early 2013 With Full HD Display

HTC will launch, in early 2013, the next flagship smartphone. Even though we don’t know for sure which of the unannounced models that made the headlines so far will be the flagship of the line-up, it seems that the Taiwan-based company will launch a high-end smartphone codenamed M7.

For the time being, we know that HTC M7 might sport a 5-inhc display with full HD 1,080p resolution and that it will be underpinned by a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset from Qualcomm. Moreover, it seems that HTC M7 will have a primary camera with 13 megapixel sensor. According to Phandroid, the body of the terminal will be manufactured using aluminium, a sign that HTC wants to remind its fans that it’s a premium brand.

Rumor has it that the new HTC M7 will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2013, an event where the Taiwan-based company usually unveils its most important products.

2012 wasn’t the best year for HTC, in the first three quarters the company failed to impress on the smartphone market and the financial results didn’t look to well for it. Well, it seems that the Taiwan-based phone maker is back on the right track.

HTC 8X, launched in US at AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon is selling well, especially that the North American carriers are selling it on contract at a mere $99.

On the other hand, the Android-powered HTC Droid DNA is on of the the most impressive smartphones in Verizon’s line-up with a powerful CPU and a full HD 5-inch display. We’ll wait and see how HTC will end 2012 and how the company will begin next year.

I am eager to see what HTC has prepared for MWC 2013 and CES 2013, especially now that the M7 smartphone seems like a strong competitor against Samsung’s and Apple’s future flagships. Moreover, HTC signed an agreement with Apple a few weeks ago, so we’re expecting a comeback for the Taiwan-based phone maker.