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HTC M8 to be Called The All New One

Another day, another rumors by an upcoming flagship. According to well-known source of rumors @evleaks, it seems like the new HTC One M8 will be called The All New One and it will only come in three colors: silver, gray, and gold.

Name doesn’t seem so important for a smartphone, but HTC is probably the worst company at naming theirs, considering they’ve began with HTC One X, HTC One X+ and then decided to call their flagship just the HTC One. Some previous rumors were talking about names like HTC One+ or HTC One 2 (HTC One Two?), which also sound really stupid.

HTC would have encountered some issues too if they decided to go with the One+ name, because a company OnePlus publicly announced on Google Plus that they were going to defend their brand if this happened.

If @eveleaks is right and HTC will really call it The All New One, it will most likely be called HTC One 2014 or HTC One 2 by everyone in order to distinct it from the first version. This naming is also pretty similar to what Apple did with the iPad (remember The New iPad?), but even them changed their mind and went in another direction with their naming.

The new HTC One M8’s release date is getting closer and we should find out soon what they decided after all and hopefully they choose something smarter than that. Above all, it’s more important that they make a great smartphone and all the rumors indicate it’s going to be a very powerful device, so we have to see the new HTC Sense 6 and how fast they can update it to future Android versions.

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