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HTC Might Launch Two Tablets Today, Possibly Running Ubuntu OS

As you probably know, HTC will host a press even in less than an hour, the event taking place simultaneously in London and New York. The Taiwan-based manufacturer is expected to unveil its new flagship smartphone, known as HTC One or HTC M7, but the rumors say that a new HTC tablet will also see the light of day.

After a close inspection to a HTC photo posted by the company on Instagram, we’ve spotted that two of the covers have the shape of tablets, and sources say that we might be dealing with two such devices, one sized 7 inches and the other one sized 10 inches.

Meanwhile, after a quick look on Ubuntu.com something just as interesting showed up. A count down that says “tick, tock, tablet time!” will stop at the exact same time when the HTC event will debut in London.

As I mentioned above, Ubuntu says that we’ll be seeing a new tablet, therefore the new mobile operating system might debut on a new HTC tablet. In just an hour we will be seeing what the guys at HTC have prepared for us this time, and judging by the shapes made by the cover in the picture above, we might be able to see more new devices, and possibly an HTC phablet.

An HTC tablet running on Ubuntu OS sounds interesting, even though, personally, I would have preferred an Android-powered HTC tablet after the fail called HTC Flyer.

As you probably know since Flyer and Jetstream the Taiwan-based company stayed away from the tablet segment. We might also see a Windows RT model at today’s press event or maybe the HTC Quattro tablet, that was supposed to see the light of day last year at MWC 2012, but it failed to appear.