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HTC One Is MWC 2013’s Best Smartphone, Sony Xperia Tablet Z Named Best Tablet

Technically, the Mobile World Congress is not over yet, but all the interesting announcements have been already been made. Sadly, this year’s event has been extremely disappointing as just a few notable handsets have been unveiled by the companies, as the major players had or going to hold their own events.

However, even of the HTC One has been announced at the HTC press event recently, the device is still the star of MWC. We’re not surprised because the HTC One is a great smartphone that will probably put the Taiwanese company back on track. According to the TechRadar MWC Awards, the HTC One is the “best in Show”. There were a couple of other nice smartphones, but I don’t see anyone arguing about HTC One being the best.

Another 1st place candidate was the Sony Xperia Z, but Sony’s phone has already one the grand prize at the CES event, in January, and there was no way that it could claim the title again.

The HTC One deserves the title of Best Phone of Mobile World Congress. But there was a tablet competition, as well, and the crown was won rather surprisingly by the Sony Xperia Tablet Z. The tablet is not bad at all except for its price, which seems a little bit high, but most people though that the title of Best Tablet would be given to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

However, this doesn’t really matter as the Samsung will probably sell more units than Sony, anyway. Moving on to a much bigger surprise, there was another award namely the People’s Choice which went to Mozilla’s Firefox OS. This is very confusing to me. The operating system might turn out to be one of the greatest platforms in the future, but the current version is far from being, at least, decent. Not to mention that the smartphones that run it are the worst on the market.

I honestly expected that one of ASUS’ products would be at least mentioned, after all the PadFone and the FonePad caught a lot of attention from the press.

If it would have been a title for the worst device at MWC, I would have given it to the notorious ZTE Grand Memo, which came with poor hardware, but presented as a high-end device. There were a few other disappointing smartphones coming from LG, but at least the South Korean company was honest about them.