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HTC One Android 4.4.2 Update Reportedly Affected by Mono Video Recording Bug

As the HTC One Android 4.4.2 OTA update is currently being pushed to the users, some of the owners of the original One M7 are signaling that the new firmware update have brought one or two issues along with it.

Some HTC One M7 owners have reported in this XDA Developer’s thread that they are experiencing issues with the camcorder. Most of them are saying that the issue appeared after they updated to Android 4.4.2 software version 4.19.401.11, as the videos are recorded with just the left audio channel rather than full stereo. If you are experiencing the same bug you shouldn’t worry, because it’s not hardware-related. Once you roll back to a previous version, everything will be working just fine.

Anyway, it seems that the first video taken with a HTC One on Android 4.4.2 4.19.401.11 is recorded in full stereo, then the mono sound problem will persist for the rest of videos taken with it.

Fortunately, there are a couple of workarounds that can help you fix the issue, but the sad news is that they are not permanent.

It looks like the mono video recording issue disappears after a reboot is performed, but you will only be able to record one stereo video before the issue reoccurs. Another way to temporarily fix the issue is to trick the phone into capturing stereo sound again and you can do this using Google Now. After you record a video you will need to close the camera app, launch Google now and say “OK Google” or just tap the Google voice button. You won’t need to say anything as both mics will be activated by the action itself. You can now return to the camera app and record another stereo video. Unfortunately, you will have to repeat this procedure after each video you record with the device, which is not very convenient.

For the time being, HTC failed to talk about the mono sound camcorder bug that’s affecting the Android 4.4.2 update for HTC One M7. Hopefully, the Taiwan-based phone maker will release an OTA update to address the bug. Did you encounter the mono sound camcorder bug after you updated your HTC One to Android 4.4.2 KitKat? Please let us know in comments.

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