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HTC One Up for Pre-order at Best Buy with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile Contracts

The HTC One is making its way in the United States market, and now it’s listed for pre-order at Best Buy, too. The retailer offers the device with a two-year plan with all three mobile operators namely AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

For now, the only HTC One version available at Best Buy is the Glacial Silver one with 32 GB of internal storage. The smartphone is listed at $199.99 with new plans for Sprint ant AT&T, while the T-Mobile model with a two-year contract is sold for $249.99.

Well, the AT&T and Sprint variants are offered at the same price that the carriers themselves are listing the 32 GB HTC One on their official websites (a two-year plan is involved). The big surprise is the T-Mobile HTC One, which is listed at a higher price that all of us would expect.

T-Mobile recently announced that it will offer the devices without any sort of contract. You might be familiar with the mobile network’s uncarrier plans. The company desires to provide the high-end handsets at low prices by letting the customers pay them in monthly installments. Unfortunately, the deal isn’t available at Best Buy.

The users who want to buy the HTC One directly from T-Mobile, the smartphone is listed at $99 with further monthly installments having to be paid by the customers. However, the Best Buy offer is totally different, the retailer offering the device at $249.99 and the customers have to sign a two-year plan with T-Mobile.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that Best Buy has created a dedicated page for the HTC One that allows customers to select the desired mobile operator.

In case you don’t want a contract with any of the carriers,you can buy the unlocked version of the HTC One which is listed at $699.99. Regardless, of what model you choose to purchase, the release date of the HTC One is April 19.


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