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HTC One Will Hit Vodafone, Optus, and Telstra

The HTC One is the latest high-end smartphone released by the Taiwanese company. It comes with a lot of interesting specs and with a somehow revolutionary camera that uses ultrapixels instead of the ordinary pixels. The device seems to be appealing for a lot of potential customers, but in order to sell as many units possible, HTC needs to sign deals with the carriers first. The company has taken care of the matter and announce that the HTC One will be offered by no less than 185 mobile carriers all over the world. Now it’s up to users to do their part.

Australia for instance, is one of the most important markets over the globe and the people living in the land down under will be happy to hear that the HTC One will hit the shelves of all major mobile operators namely Optus, Telstra, and Optus.

All the carriers have officially confirmed that they will offer the handset, but unfortunately there are no details about when the HTC One will be available, neither about how much it will cost. However, considering that the Taiwan-based company stated that the HTC One will be available as of March 15th, the Australians will get it after that date. However, there isn’t much time until then, and if you have waited until now you can be the patient for a couple of extra weeks.

HTC hopes that its new flagship to revive the company which didn’t do so well over the past couple of years in terms of sold units. But One will face a lot of difficulties when rival company Samsung will launch the Galaxy S4.