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HTC One Ultrapixel Camera Teased Again

The event where HTC is expected to unveil the HTC One will tale place tomorrow in two different locations namely New York and London. Even though the company hasn’t made any comments regarding this matter, the HTC One will be most likely launched tomorrow at its press event. But until they do, I don’t see why not we can’t make a little more speculations bout the device, as the company itself is giving us the material to discuss about.

HTC posted a new cryptic image on its Twitter account that features a camera lens which, at first glance, seems pretty common. However, if you look closer at the outside rim of the lens, you can see three numbers: 2, 19, and 13. Usually, the numbers would give information about the quality of the camera itself, but if you think about it they actually for a date, February 19th, 2013. The exact same date when HTC will hold the press events on both continents.

The strange thing is that the logo featured on the camera is blurred out, but if you take a closer look you can tell that the lens is Canon-branded. The question is what’s Canon got to do with HTC? Perhaps, the two companies will sigh a partnership deal in order to develop the ultrapixel technology that has been rumored about lately.

Another suggestion made by the image above is that the lens could be detached from the device. This could mean that the ultrapixel camera sported by that certain handset could come with some extra accessories. According to the photo, we will find out more, so stick around.