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Cyber Monday Deals: HTC One Is Free at Amazon

Amazon has officially announced the HTC One Cyber Monday deals and, just like it happened on Black Friday, the HTC flagship is available for only a penny.

Three of the biggest carriers in US are offering the HTC One at a discounted price thorugh Amazon Cyber Monday deals. After you agree to sign a two-year contract with one of the three carriers you will be able to get your hands on the AT&T HTC One, Sprint HTC One, or Verizon HTC One for only $0.01. All three are offering the 32 GB variant of the handset and, according to Amazon, the price may vary depending on the service plan you choose.

On Cyber Monday Deals Sprint is selling the Red, Silver, and Black HTC One, AT&T sells the Silver and Black variants of the handset, while Verizon is only offering the Silver model.

If, for some reason, you don’t want to commit to a two year-contract with one of the three aforementioned carriers, you can also purchase the handset contract-free. The unsubsidized price of the Sprint HTC One is $599.99, the Verizon model costs $649.99, while AT&T’s HTC One sells at $699.99, contract-free.

Just like it happened on Black Friday, the stocks are limited, therefore you should hurry up and take advantage of the HTC One Cyber Monday deals right now. Furthermore, if you order the HTC One from Amazon in the next few hours (27 hours at the time the article was written), the smartphone will be shipped to you for free on Wednesday, December 4th.

You can order the HTC One online from Amazon and receive the discounted Cyber Monday price using the following links:

Are you planing to order the HTC One right away? If, for some reason, the HTC One Cyber Monday deal is not good enough for you, feel free to check other deals for Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, or Galaxy Note 2.

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