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HTC One Getting 1.10.605.15 OTA Update on Verizon

With smartphones and tablets on the market receiving either Android 4.3 or Android 4.4 updates, Verizon’s HTC One just got a new software update.

Unfortunately, there’s no reason to cheer, as the firmware pushed by Big Red to the HTC One users is just another Android 4.2.2 build.

For the time being, the US carrier failed to reveal an official changelog for the OTA update, so we are unable to tell you what improvements or bug fixes were included.

Anyway, we are definitely talking about a minor update which will most likely address some audio call quality issues or meant to bring stability improvements of some sort.

All we can tell you at the moment is that the software update will change the build number to 1.10.605.15 from 1.10.605.10.

We promise to update this article with a changelog as soon as Verizon will publish it on its website.

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