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HTC One Will Not Replace the HTC Droid DNA in Verizon’s Line-up

While we still aren’t sure if the HTC One will be available at the largest US carrier Verizon, with some rumors suggesting that the network will offer it as the Droid DNA Plus, while the phone maker saying that the HTC One will not be heading to Verizon at all, something has happened that made all of us think it will indeed be in Verizon’s stock. We were wrong.

Yesterday, everybody was shocked when the HTC Droid DNA just vanished from the Verizon site, even though the device was launched only four months ago. Just like all of us, the guys at Phone Arena though that Verizon deleted the Droid DNA from its lists because the carrier is going to replace it with the HTC One. Of course, the mobile networks didn’t make any announcement about the matter.

The first to notice that the HTC Droid DNA wasn’t listed on Verizon’s website were the folks at Droid Life. However, the story was updated and all that happened was that he carrier has been doing some stock-keeping unit (aka SKU) ┬ámodifications, and the customers could still pre-order the HTC droid DNA from another web page.

Even if the Droid DNA was to be replaced with the HTC One, why did Verizon not announce the change? It was kind of a big deal.

Anyway, it seems that this was just a misunderstanding as the handset just went through a SKU change. According to Droid Life, the HTC Droid DNA used to have the 6103 ID on the carrier’s website, while now it’s listed as 6691.

So, the good news is that the Verizon subscribers can still buy the Droid DNA, but the bad news is that we still don’t know if the carrier will be offering the HTC One, or not.

I know this question might sound silly, but do you guys prefer the Droid DNA or the HTC One?

  • Eric Price

    I have the DNA and think it is a great phone. I’ve read the specs on the One and couldn’t see upgrading at this time. don’t get me wrong the One looks awesome but so is the DNA. The DNA has been good to me so far and would highly recommend it.

  • au0614

    I own the DNA and I love the phone. The battery life is great and the screen is amazing (I like the bigger screen). With the news that we will be getting Sense 5 (which I’m not sure if I like yet) the only things that make me want the One are the storage size and the dual stereo speakers on the front of the phone.

  • Raj

    I like the One better because it is better in every way except screen size. The One design is amazing, and I prefer the aluminum back.

  • Mark Benton

    The HTC DNA Rocks. The 5″ screen both pixel and size is awesome and the battery life works great for me. As I almost always have WIFI I use the Cloud and Evernote to sync to my Tower and Chromebook so storage is not a problem. I find most of the time I am using the DNA as a speaker phone for tech support which works really great at as well. For my use I do not see any compelling reasons to update at this time. P/S have dropped this phone many times and it stil keeps on running.

  • drew

    Common Verizon start carrying all the major flagship phones already. I want the HtcOne.

  • vwbtl99

    Droid DNA all the way

  • Droid DNA I love it best phone I think