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HTC One (M7) Joins The Android L Club

Android L developer preview was released at the I/O conference back in June and since then, users have been testing it on almost every smartphone they could install it on, checking the way it manages to perform and which features are working and which are not. The original HTC One, the M7 version was not in that list, until a team of developers at the XDA Forums have made it possible. The whole operation is still in alpha stage meaning that some features are not working and once in a while it behaves strange, but it is progress after all and things are expected to go in the right direction.

After all, Android L is just a developer preview so the reduced functionality and low performance are not a big surprise and the combination of HTC One M7 and Android L is just at the beginning. From this point on, they can see exactly what works and what is not working so well ( or at all ) and they can start fixing Android L to carry it into stage Beta where bugs are not so frequent and the user experience will be more pleasant. You can check they way Android L behaves on your HTC One M7 by following our guide, Install and test Android L developer preview, but you must be aware that it won’t work so well and the features that are not working at all are: WiFi, Bluetooth, Data, Camera and Sound. Basically you’ll get the taste of Android L without any goodies.

HTC One M7 is an Android flagship smartphone manufactured in 2013 featuring a 4.7 inch 1080p display with 2 GB of RAM memory and a Snapdragon 600 processor with no extra storage via microSD card. At it’s launch it was one one of the best smartphones on the market opening a new era for HTC.

Considering all the minuses of Android L for HTC One M7, are you going to proceed into installing it on your smartphone or are you going to wait for a more stable version?

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