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HTC One M8 Google Play Edition Features Duo Camera Support, Boomsound, Motion Launch, and More

We’ve told you earlier today that Google have reportedly started to ship the HTC One M8 Google Play Edition and, just like you, we’ve wondered whether the stock Android-powered handset borrows some of the software features of the standard model. We are glad to announce you that the One M8 GPE does arrive with a handful of custom software features.

Last year, when Sony and Google released the Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition, the Mountain View-based giant allowed Sony to use a couple of non-stock Android technologies like Sony BRAVIA. Well, One M8 Google Play Edition can also take advantage of some of the software features HTC developed for the standard version.

Even though the Camera app of the HTC One M8 GPE is the stock Android version, after you take a photo and choose to edit it you will be asked whether you want to perform the task using the standard Android Photo Editor or the HTC Photo Edit app. If you choose the later one you will be able to enjoy UFocus, Dimension Plus, or Touch Up, among others. One M8 Google Play Edition even comes with Boomsound, but the feature cannot be disabled unless you have a pair of headphones plugged in.

To our surprise, HTC and Google even included Motion Launch but it only comes with three of the standard gesture-based actions. You will be able to double tap to wake up your device (unfortunately you won’t be able to double tap to put it back to sleep like on the standard model), swipe to the left to unlock the device, or press the volume buttons to launch the camera while you hold the phone in portrait mode.

You will also be able to use Play Store to download and install other HTC Sense-specific apps on the HTC One Google Play Edition, but, for some reason, it doesn’t have support for HTC BlinkFeed. Anyway, Dot View is there so you’ll be able to use the HTC Dot Case, and so is TV Remote, which means that the M8 has the IR blaster module enabled. For what it’s worth, the HTC One Google Play Edition had the infra red port disabled.

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