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HTC One Successor (aka HTC M8) Release Date at Major US Carriers to Be Q1 2014?

After the Nexus 5 was officially announced (the latest important smartphone to hit the market in 2013) the tech publications are now starting to talk about the high-end Android-powered smartphones that will be released in 2014. The HTC One successor is one of them, a smartphone that is known internally as HTC M8 and that will reportedly hit the US market by the end of Q1 2014.

About a week ago we have presented you a couple of HTC M8 leaked photos coming from China, and if they prove to be ture, the M8 could look a lot like its predecessor, the HTC One.

According to infamous leaker Evan Blass (you probably know him as @evleaks), the HTC One successor will hit all four major US carriers in Q1 2013. As usual, @evleaks information may be accurate, considering that the HTC M8 is expected to see the light of day at MWC 2014 in February, or a week or two prior to it.

Even though everyone expected this year’s HTC One to be the company’s┬ásavior and improve their financial position, the supply problems delayed the flagship’s release date. Even though the HTC One was announced more than a month before its main rival, the Galaxy S4, the supply shortages made HTC miss the opportunity to release One on the market ahead of S4’s April debut.

Moreover, Verizon only launched the HTC One late August, which also made HTC’s earnings go down below expectations. It looks like things will be different in 2014, because @evleaks also includes Big Red in the first wave of HTC M8 releases.

According to the rumor mill, at least three important Android-powered flagships will hit the market in the first two quarters of 2014. Besides the HTC M8, Samsung and Sony are expected to reveal and release the Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z1 successor in the first quarters of 2014, so the Taiwanese company will once again have to cope with heavy competitors.