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HTC One Max Android 4.4.2 Update Brings Sense 6.0 and WiFi Calling to Sprint Users

A new Android 4.4.2 update for HTC One Max is now being pushed to Sprint customers, bringing support for WiFi calling and the much-awaited Sense 6.0 user interface.

The US carrier officially revealed on its website that a new HTC One Max Android 4.4.2 OTA update is now being rolled out to its users. The new firmware is labeled 3.02.651.5 and arrives with Sense 6.0 UI and support for WiFi calling. Even though Sprint’s website doesn’t mention anything about Sense 6.0, HTC’s support page says that the 3.02.651.5 update that it’s now being pushed to Sprint users will include the new version of the UI.

As usual, the Sprint HTC One Max Android 4.4.2 3.02.651.5  update is being rolled out in phases, meaning that some users might not be able to download and install it right away.

Once your HTC One Max will be ready to receive the new firmware, you should be able to see a system update message in the notification area. Tap on it then follow the on-screen instructions. You can also check for the update manually under Settings > System updates > HTC software update > Check now.

It seems that aside the aforementioned WiFi calling support and Sense 6.0, the Android 4.4.2 update for Sprint HTC One Max doesn’t arrive with anything else. Anyway, you should also expect some bug fixes and minor performance improvements.

Are there any Sprint HTC One Max owners reading this? Have you guys received the Android 4.4.2 3.02.651.5 OTA update on your devices? Did you spot any changes aside the ones we’ve already mentioned above? Please let your fellow One Max owners know in the comments section below.

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  • Tom

    One major update for me was the stock keyboard has been tweaked a bit. The space bar is now larger. It helps avoid hitting the arrow keys at the bottom. It’s much better now.

  • D. Cole

    I just updated my One Max to 6.0. So far, I like it. The UI is smoother and it looks very well integrated with my phone. The one thing I was concerned about was the green theme for Blinkfeed, but that can be changed to purple, red or black in the settings. WiFi calling is welcome since my reception is bad where I live. The NFC logo still bothers me especially since I have it on all the time. Since the M8 uses on screen buttons and the bottom black bar is gone, there’s an ungainly space between the quick launch buttons and the rest of the screen. Overall, it’s a positive update. It’s still very familiar while making worthwhile changes.

  • ador

    I have a HTC One Max from SPRINT which was for GSM so I can use it on AT&T. It has been working for a while, until I installed this new update.

    The update now makes my phone has this error: INVALID CARD / NO SIM CARD

    Any idea how I could fix this?

    Thank you!