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HTC One Mini Release Date Is August, Bloomberg Confirms

The HTC One Mini is an unannounced smartphone that will resemble its bigger brother is design, but will be smaller and will have poorer technical specifications. No official information has been provided, but like always, there have been a few reports mentioning the HTC One Mini. Though we were pretty sure that such a phone is in development, there has been no substantial information until now. Nevertheless, it seems like we have it now. Actually, the briefing does not come from the phone maker itself, but from some sources who are familiar with the matter quoted by Bloomberg.

Like always, the sources preferred to remain anonymous, but they claim that the HTC One Mini will become available for purchase in August. This is nice to hear, especially because the previous rumors provided a similar release date, and this new one comes like a confirmation, and moreover it confirms that the device does exist.

Further, the same sources mentioned a rather obvious detail, namely the fact that the HTC One Mini will not come with the same CPU as the HTC One, and it will be less faster. Also, the screen resolution will be lower, which again doesn’t come as a surprise.

If you are not familiar with the rumors, the HTC One Mini will allegedly be packing a dual-core CPU, which we assume it will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of on-board storage, and a 4 MP camera, which will use the same Ultrapixel technology, that the company has recently implemented on the HTC One.

Of course, the size of the HTC One Mini will be smaller, and rumor has it that it will pack a 4.3-inch display, which is also confirmed by the sources cited by Bloomberg. It won’t be full HD, instead it will have a resolution of 720p. Nevertheless, we also have to say that when HTC reps were asked about the One Mini, they refused to comment, so we can’t say for sure what specs it will have for now.

It’s mandatory for HTC to come up with a decent product if the company want’s to get back on track when it comes to sales. While the HTC One is doing pretty good, they need to bring their A game on all the segments because the HTC One Mini will have to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4. Remember that HTC is not one of the top three smartphones makers for quite a while.

As I said, the HTC One is a very popular phone among the customers, but some analysts think that it has reached the top of the mountain already, and sales will probably begin to drop, so the HTC One Mini will become the next life jacket for the Taiwan-based phone maker. However, there is still the question whether the people will see the HTC One Mini as appealing as the HTC One. What do you guys think?