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Sprint HTC One Special Offer, Wirefly Offers It At $49.99

If you are among the people who like the HTC One and didn’t buy one, there are plenty of offers that you can choose from. As you probably know it’s always better to buy a smartphone from a retailer with a contract with some of the existing mobile networks than to purchase it from the carrier itself. Why? Because it’s cheaper.

The Sprint version of the HTC One can now be bought at a price of only $49.99, which is a very good deal no matter with which one you compare it with.

If you are familiar with the latest news, Amazon Wireless has made a special Father’s Day offer for the Sprint HTC One offering it at a price of $79.99. And while the offer still stands, now you have the possibility to get the phone at an even smaller price. Wirefly wants to be more competitive when it comes to pricing and it’s currently listing the Sprint HTC One at $49.99.

The offer includes 450 minutes, for which you will be required to pay $39.99 every month. Of course, there is not need to say that you will have to sign a two-year contract with Sprint. Nevertheless, you will be able to buy the HTC One at the mentioned price only if you sign a new contract or add a new line to your existing one. In case you already have a contract with Sprint and you want to upgrade, the smartphone will cost you $129.99. Further, if you want to purchase the HTC One without a contract, Wirefly sells the contract-free version for $639.99.

For the customers who are interested in buying the Sprint HTC One from Wirefly, the offer also includes $25 of Google Play Store credit, which can be used for purchasing various items such as applications, music, movies etc, in order to fill your smartphone with everything you need and want to use.

So, if you haven’t got the chance to purchase the HTC One, this is the perfect opportunity.